Till we meet again tumblr dashboard

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till we meet again tumblr dashboard

images common. and unless specified i do not claim ownership of any images posted But I know we'll meet again on some new shiny site. We'll trade again. I've legitimately made a lot of friends and I hope to be able to do so again on other platforms. reach me and set this post to reblog on the hour until tomorrow so nobody misses it. a lot of . And not to mention all the great artists and art that's graced my dashboard and kept me But I know we'll meet again some sunny day. Nov 30, Speaking of wholesome stories on Tumblr, here's one of my faves. . around to try to force us to give him weed till I told him we would share if he stopped being a dick. .. Honestly the kindest softest men you'll ever meet. I had to go back to work at that point but like to think he just kept hovering over the.

He and Bucky would meet in the modern world again post-WSand Bucky would actually remember yay! Tony ignored him, setting an intercept course for where Bucky was sprinting away from the rapidly expanding globe of green light. He opened his eyes and started to panic when all he saw was blackness. The complete and utter blackness, though, even the lack of indicator lights, meant that somehow, despite all of his backups and failsafes, the suit was completely dead.

He closed his eyes and forced himself to relax, taking long breaths in to the count of five and then letting them out slowly, trying very deliberately to not think about the amount of air left in his suit. Then he laboriously lifted one hand and fumbled for the emergency catch, hands slipping before he could finally dig the thick metal fingers of the gauntlet into the hidden lever.

Finally it clicked and the whole suit split open and folded away from him, leaving him gasping gratefully for air and sitting up, stumbling away from the claustrophobic nightmare of a dead suit. He rubbed his arms against the slight chill, trying to get his bearings.

It was night-time, which was…different, since it had been daytime before. He was clearly still in London, though, so…the green light must have killed his suit, but why in the hell would his team leave him lying in it long enough for it to get dark?

He edged carefully out of the alley he was in to the street, finding it strangely dark and deserted. By the dim light of the moon and stars he pried into the metal plating and realized to his dismay that the battery backup was mysteriously dead, too.

till we meet again tumblr dashboard

He sat for a little while longer, concentrating on the chill of the paving bricks under him, the damp edge in the air, and the familiar feeling of his suit under his fingertips, until his heart calmed. Once he felt steadier he stood and dragged the suit behind a pile of rubble, partially disassembling it so it looked less like a robot and more like a pile of scrap metal.

Then he rubbed his hands together, and started walking even though he was sorely tempted to stay right where he was until the comforting light of dawn. The street was still eerily dark and still until a door opened down a side street and light and noise spilled out of it.

Best Wishes Until We Meet Again!

Tony headed eagerly in that direction, slipping gratefully through the door that promised people and perhaps answers, then stopped dead once he was inside. Movie set, he thought wildly, staring wide-eyed at the crowd of soldiers in front of him, wearing uniforms that were straight out of World War II.

Someone came in behind him and jostled him out of the doorway, so he edged around the room, more unwilling to face the eerily deserted street than he was to find a deserted corner of this odd bar and its odder clientele and try to figure out how in the hell he got zapped back to World War II. Well, actually, that was probably the least of the mysteries. The Avengers had been called to help him with an assault on the London Sanctuary, and the Mystical Morons of whatever who had been fighting them had obviously set off some sort of time trap that only Tony had been lucky enough to get caught in.

The real questions were, how long was he going to be stuck here before Stephen found him and what in the hell was he going to do with himself until then? Tony made his way through the soldiers, trying to find an empty seat from which he could figure out the answers to these burning questions, when the flash of a familiar profile made him pause.

Was that…Tony edged closer and looked again, and sure enough, it was. Goddammit, Stephen was going to yell at him for this.

till we meet again tumblr dashboard

After a moment he must have come to some sort of conclusion because when he slid off the barstool to offer his hand, his smile was lazy but the look in his eyes was definitely…not.

Uh-oh, Tony thought, trying to quell the way that look made his pulse quicken. It was strong and calloused in his own, gripping for just a moment too long before he let go. Tony blinked rapidly as his entire view of James Buchanan Barnes shifted. Tony let out a silent breath and told himself to be more careful as he sat down.

Bucky snorted and nodded like hell yeah, I know. This is a bad idea. Somewhere in the future Stephen was screaming about Tony messing with the flow of time.

till we meet again tumblr dashboard

Suddenly he realized when and where he was, and he reflexively glanced around the room, looking for the other Howling Commandos. Or rather, the men who had, at some point tonight, just become the Howling Commandos.

till we meet again tumblr dashboard

Uh, I mean, you know. Load your diaper up for me. It was plenty humiliating to want to mess her diapers like some toddler. It was worse knowing that she was actually an adult doing something so childish. Sweat actually began to bead across her forehead as she finished filling the seat of her soaked diaper.

Show Daddy what a good job you did filling your crinkle panties! My little girl was turning into the reddest of fire flowers if I was not mistaken. Lily stood up off the toilet and as she did I watched her face as the mess in her diaper shifted with her movement.

There was no way to hide or escape the sensation. The ever present condition of her diapers were a clear and constant reminder of the babyish act she had just willingly committed.

She turned her back towards me and I instantly pulled her severely sagging diaper back up around her waist where it should have been.

until we meet again ....

It appeared from behind her, as if she had winced slightly at the sudden sensation. I placed my hand on her bottom, cupping the mess in my hand, gently patting it. Her nerves were still acutely alert and she jumped a little the first time I patted the lump.

Not quite finished toying with her, I stood up off the edge of the bathtub. She chose now to be the first moment she voluntarily spoke since this little scene began. I grabbed her chin in my hand again. I took her by the hand and led her out of the bathroom and back into the living room. I moved my book from earlier and sat down, and pulled her into my lap where she rested her head against my chest as she often loved to do.

Till We Meet Again… – So Which Blessings of Your Lord Will You Deny~?

I nuzzled my head against the top of hers and we cuddled for a long while. In fact, when I finally decided we needed to get her into a fresh diaper, she actually groaned at me for even suggesting moving from this position.

I smiled at her again, kissed her forehead, gave her messy bottom a firm but friendly swat and pushed her towards her feet.

Once more, I took her hand in mine, kissed it as well and walked my waddling diaper girl to the bedroom for a change. This time there was no detour. Lily stood in the doorway as I laid out the changing supplies. I patted the bed where the adult sized changing pad had been spread out and she crawled to the center and rolled herself over into a laying position. I gave her a paci and handed her, her lamb stuffie.

I tap her again and she lays right back down.

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I grab the hitachi and diligently bring my little girl two satisfying orgasms. She looks tired and ready for a nap now. That makes me happier still. I sigh happily, rip open the tapes to her diaper and begin the arduous task of cleaning her dirty bottom.