Within temptation meet and greet 2015


JEROEN - Meet & Greet @ Woodstock, Polska Within Temptation - Memories: This was the greatest love of my life More information. Resist Temptation! (6 cards) and more. Tracklisting Show more. Within Temptation - Resist - Limited Deluxe Box Tour Dates / +. Within Temptation. likes · talking about this. Sharon den Adel Stefan Helleblad Ruud Jolie Martijn Spierenburg Mike Coolen Jeroen van.

Lead female vocalist, Floor Jansen, is partial to the odd bit of studded leather and, being classically trained as a soprano at the Dutch Rock Academy, can belt out operatic wails and death growls interchangeably.

Typically of symphonic metal, their influences are expansive and literary, ranging from cinematic musical scores to nursery rhymes and fantasy novels by CS Lewis, JRR Tolkein and Steven King. Their songwriting draws strongly on fantastical and mythological themes.

within temptation meet and greet 2015

Other songs touch on darker, perhaps more mature, themes. They are luminaries of symphonic metal with an impressive gambit of intriguing songs. Live reviews Nightwish When seeing Nightwish live, you are expecting to see the classic female vocals accompanied by the sweet gentle sounds of the orchestra with the soft piano notes in contrast with the heavily distorted guitars and the fast metal drum beats.

The sound of all these instruments combined together creates the gothic atmosphere that everyone sees at a Nightwish concert. Strobe lighting with the fire shooting up and down followed by all the firework explosions is certain as the artists are trying to get the fans energetic and fired up ready for a spectacular show ahead of them.

When going to a symphonic metal concert, judging by what I have seen of Epica, Withtin Temptation and Nightwish, the fans are energetically jumping around really enjoying themselves and learning to appreciate the music. Nightwish performs symphonic metal with grandiose female vocals. The string instruments and keyboard create the gothic atmosphere. Their music is known to be complex and layered and their approach is theatrical and operatic. The music of Nightwish had been distinguished by the operatic vocals of Tarja Turunen but when she left Nightwish, they left behind their signature soprano or operatic sound.

Now their style of vocals have changed as heard by their current vocalist Floor Jansen. We decided to stay in the hotel since it looked nice and we were tired and pretty hungry.

Some American dude at the bar suggested a nice bar two blocks down the road. Apparently they have 40 beers on draft and bottled ones. I decided to be wise and go to my hotelroom after dinner since I wanted to chill a bit and go through the setlist for this tour. Today started as show days usually do; sleeping in just a little bit, have breakfast, do some emails, a visit to the hotel gym and some walking around outside. I love this city. We also have a substitute Front Of House engineer on this trip.

There were about people in the venue so it looked and sounded really great when we got up on stage. I have about two hours to relax before going to the venue.

Tonight we play in the biggest venue of this tour with a capacity of people.

Within Temptation

Two weeks ago there were already tickets sold so with the guestlist and walk on I expect this place to be pretty full. Looking forward to it: The people were really enthusiastic and we saw a lot of smiling faces. Not that much to tell you. Fastforward to that evening; yes, they had beer at the hotelbar.

And yes; I drank a couple. Apparently the hotel was in the middle of nowhere so I decided to go to my hotelroom early and watch some Netflix.

The venue was much smaller than the previous two. In those cases we want people to get on their feet and share some of the energy. Well, once we started playing they fortunately did. We saw a lot of smiling and yes, even crying faces in front of the stage. October 19th Show; Novosibirsk; We arrived in the hotel in Novosibirsk around 10am and we could still enjoy the breakfast.

Food and the prospect of some sleep made me a very happy camper. I wanted to go for a walk in the city so I asked the hotel staff which direction I should go to. I saw some nice huge statues of Lenin and a couple of nice churches.

within temptation meet and greet 2015

But it started to rain and I was getting hungry so I decided to go back to the hotel for some lunch. So today is our second Siberian show and the venue looked like a theatre with only chairs. I guess it was for our safety because when Sharon asked one of the security people if it was ok for the audience to stand up they let them. During a particular song a young boy jumped on stage with flowers and gave them to Sharon.

He looked so happy and ecstatic. Despite that he was brutally taken off stage by security. They made themselves pretty clear that it was not allowed to do that. The boy looked pretty shaken up after that. I kind of felt sorry for him. After the gig we went back to the hotel pretty much immediately after the show since we were expected in the lobby at 6am. October 20th Travelday to Yekaterinburg; Yep, 6am lobby call.

Another thing that sucks a bit is that we have to fly to Moscow each and every time since we wanted to travel with Aeroflot, a pretty reliable airline. Upon arrival in the hotel around 6pm I decided to go to the gym immediately. I wanted to get a bit active after a whole day of sitting on a plane and an airport.

And on tour one tends to drink a little bit more beer than usual so a work out is always good. After the workout I went out for dinner with keyboardist Martijn and tourmanager Piet. We were looking for the grill restaurant we saw from the van on our way to the hotel.

within temptation meet and greet 2015

It was freezing degrees Celsius so we wanted to go inside as soon as possible. Eventually we found a great place where they even had some Belgium beers. That Steenbrugge Tripel tasted great and so did that rib-eye steak… October 21th Show; Yekaterinburg; Got up for an early breakfast after which I went back to sleep a little bit more.

Within Temptation perform live and meet fans @ 363 Oxford Street

After that Stefan, Sharon and me went for a walk. I found a great music store the night before and they sold quite some vinyl. I planned on buying some but when I did the calculation from Roebel to Euro it turned out the prices were incredibly steep.

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Had a nice lunch in a coffee place across the hotel before I went to the gym again. The venue we were playing in looked a bit more rock and roll than the previous ones.

I prefer those places. The place was packed and the show was great. After the gig there were quite some people waiting for us outside.

Again it was about degrees!!! We signed some stuff before heading to the hotel for one more beer at the hotelbar… October 22th Travel day to Rostov on Don; Lobbycall this morning was 9: I understood we were all invited by the local promoter for dinner at the number three most popular restaurant according to TripAdvisor. Looking forward to that. The local promotor invited us to this restaurant that was only a seven-minute walk from the hotel. Everyone of the band and almost everybody of the crew joined.


We started with some really nice wine and some appetizers. More wine and beer followed. More food and yes, even more wine and beer. Long story short; there was enough for us to eat and drink. And as it turned out the chef was a fan of the band so he came out to say hi and to offer us a special vodka that had some berries added to it.

It came in a 10ltr bottle.