Swim canada meet results gymnastics

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swim canada meet results gymnastics

Follow the MN Swimming Hub for complete Star Tribune coverage of high school swimming and diving. The meet is a homecoming for UBC's Ingrid Wilm, a Calgary native Having been named the Canada West Women's Swimmer of the. Upcoming Meets · Meet results get swimming today. Swimming Canada © Data provided by schizofrenia.info · Developed by schizofrenia.info

Rio Swimming - Results & Videos

However, despite Australia retaining a strong core of swimmers, it was predicted that they would convert slightly worse after losing the home field advantage. Australia defied that expectation, once again converting their Junior medals into senior medals at a rate of 2. Inthey produced 1. The model predicted Canada to perform similarly here and produce 10 medals.

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Canada fell short of this expectation, producing only 7 medals, or a Pan Pac medal conversion ratio of 0. Although this conversion is much worse than init falls in line with their usual junior to senior conversion performance relative to other nations. In toJapan almost doubled their World Junior medal total from togoing from 4. However, it was adjusted to 10 medals in attempt to account for the home field advantage.

swim canada meet results gymnastics

Ruck helped boost that total. After failing last April to qualify for the world championship, Ruck left her home in Arizona -- her parents moved there from B. It has been a rapid rise since. Canadian team officials expected a breakout meet from the teen here, noting that coming out of the world junior championships last summer in Indianapolis and a December meet in Sheffield, England, she had four swims in the top eight in the world.

Rio hero Penny Oleksiak leaves with three medals and some disappointment. The year-old from Toronto won three relay silvers but failed to make a mark in her individual events. Oleksiak was fourth in the 50 and butterfly, fifth in the freestyle and seventh in the free. The spotlight has been on Oleksiak since she became the first Canadian to win four medals at a single Summer Games. In Rio, she tied for gold in the freestyle, claimed silver in the butterfly and two bronze in the relays.

Oleksiak acknowledged Tuesday that the Rio success has required some adjustments. Again, this is not an indictment of either of those sports.

At a certain level it makes sense that swimming and diving are combined for the sake of convenience. High schools and colleges are on limited budgets and therefore it may be unrealistic to expect separation at the dual meet level, since it's cheaper to pile everybody into one bus. And in dual meets, having the diving after the first four swimming events does give the swimmers an oft-needed rest period. But many high schools have old pools which aren't deep enough to allow for a diving board.

Most high school budgets don't allow for a separate diving coach. And most swimming coaches know next to nothing about diving.

swim canada meet results gymnastics

So why not score the diving portion of the meet separately? One team could win the swimming meet, and the other team the diving meet.

swim canada meet results gymnastics

Too often, a high school swimming team is penalized simply for not having a deep pool or a diving coach. With championship season kicking into full gear, it's a good time to think about separating the two. Occasionally championships are decided by diving points, and that doesn't sit right. It certainly wouldn't detract from the divers' glory to have their own separate championship.