The song unprepared to meet thy god reighneth

Holy Communion Order Two in contemporary language

Charles Austin Miles was an American writer of gospel songs. He studied at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and the University of Pennsylvania. In , he ceased to practice as a pharmacist. His first gospel song, "List! 'Tis Jesus' Voice", was published by the Hall-Mack Company. . I do not know the depths of Jesus' love, that brought Him down, 7. saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth. God has committed to our hands a most sacred work, and we need to meet together .. who is always on the track of human beings, always wide awake, watching to lay some gin or snare for their destruction. church schools as soon as something is done to prepare the way for them. Had I your wings to heaven I'd fly, But GOD shall that defect supply, And my soul, .. To Thee our morning song ofpraise, To Thee our evening prayer we raise; Thee . All praise to GOD, the THREE IN ONE, Whd high in glory reigns; Who by His . trial day, With faithful hearts Thy word obey, And thus prepare to meet Thee.

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