Western australia meet the parents

Adopt Change - Adoption and Permanent Care in Western Australia

western australia meet the parents

Child and Parent Centres support families across WA through a range of can also be part of playgroups and parent groups where you can meet other parents. These groups welcome parents of children with a disability aged up to 16 years of age in a friendly, respectful Meet with other parents and share experience; Talk to our experienced staff for advice and strategies Autism Association of WA. In Western Australia, birth parents who have relinquished their child for applying to adopt children through these programs meet the requirements for adoption.

There are a limited number of countries that have signed the agreements and that have children available for adoption. Many children in the developing world are not legally available for adoption, although they may be separated from their parents.

The demand for adoptable children by receiving countries who are signatories to the Hague Convention, such as Australia, is greater than the number of children sending countries can provide. It is unethical for a receiving country to put pressure on a sending country to place additional children. Receiving countries must not contribute to 'creating a market' that encourages child trafficking. This is also why it is very important for adoptions to be well regulated and to be arranged through approved regulatory bodies.

What are the costs involved in adopting a child? Overseas costs include administrative and legal as well as other expenses relating to overseas travel and accommodation. There is an assessment fee associated with intercountry adoption applications. Only a minor part of the costs relating to an overseas adoption are associated with Department or government charges. Do birth parents and other relatives have any contact with the child after adoption?

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Yes, contact is considered on an individual basis according to the child's best interests. It can vary from an occasional exchange of information with no contact, to a regular flow of information and frequent contact. These arrangements are set out in an Adoption Plan which is drawn up at the time of placement between at least one of the birth parents and the adoptive parents.

The Adoption Plan needs to be approved by the Family Court of Western Australia and there are heavy penalties for breaching this agreement.

western australia meet the parents

The Plan can be changed by agreement as the needs of the child change with approval by the Family Court. Today we embrace the concept of open adoption as this has been found to be in the best interests of the child. Even for an overseas child, who may have been named by a foster carer or an institution, it still remains an important link to their heritage and may be used in many years to come as a way of making contact with the adoptee. What about adoption by step-parents?

You are a step-family if you or your partner has a child by a previous relationship who lives with you. There are a number of ways in which you can legally formalise the relationship between the child and the step-parent. One of these options is adoption. Please refer to The Step-Parent Adoption Information Guide for information about the effects of a step-parent adoption, the alternatives to adoption, the criteria to apply, and the steps involved in the process.

Please consider your options carefully; a decision to permanently sever the legal ties between a child and their birth parent is a serious one. Adoption may or may not be the most suitable option for your family. For example, it may be more appropriate to seek an alternative to adoption or to pursue the adoption once the child has turned 18 through adult adoption.

If you are interested in pursuing step-parent adoption please contact Family Information and Adoption Services for further information. Yes, if the child has lived with you and you have cared for the child for at least two consecutive years at the time of applying to adopt.

western australia meet the parents

Carer adoption is one option available to create a stable home for life for children. This is in line with the Departments permanency planning policy.

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Before making an application to the Family Court of Western Australia for an adoption order, the Chief Executive Officer of this department needs to approve the placement of the child with you with a view to adoption. An adoption order will only be made by the court if it is satisfied that adoption is preferable to other orders the courts are able to make. For further information please contact Fostering and Adoption Services.

Can a relative apply to adopt a child?

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It is possible in some circumstances for a relative to adopt a child. A relative is defined as grandparent, sibling or uncle or aunt of the person to be adopted. Before an application for an adoption order can be made to the Family Court of Western Australia, the Chief Executive Officer of this department must approve the placement of the child, for the purpose of adoption.

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Why do some children need foster care? When children cannot live safely at home for many reasons, they come into the care of the Department for Child Protection and Family Support the Department. Wherever possible, we place these children with family or someone close. Foster care can provide temporary care, while the birth parents receive help.

If possible, the children will return to live with their birth parents. Could I be a foster carer?

western australia meet the parents

Foster carers are everyday people who like helping others, especially children.