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cawthra community centre seniors meet

of questions, and then call the organization(s) that you think can best meet your needs. Living with a life-limiting Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) Mississauga Halton Community Care and home health care support to seniors or. Mississauga Seniors Club meets every Friday from PM at Arbour Green South Common Community Center, South Millway, Mississauga, ON, L5L 3H7. Last meeting of the Club will be on 16th December Sunrise of Mississauga, an Ontario senior living community, that offers assisted Burnhamthorpe Community Center, senior centers and many local popular Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to meeting you in person soon!.

For this year-round Santa, who's never had another career, hair-accessory hygiene is just part of the job. Wenz, 49, was only 4 when he first put on a makeshift red suit, snuck out of the house, strolled into an unsuspecting neighbor's home and, reaching into a pillow case, began passing out candy canes. That year, and in the 24 years that followed, he made rounds at the small rural Illinois hospitals where his father worked as CEO.

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By fifth grade, he was bringing cheer to preschools and nursing homes. At 14, he was in his first parade, and two years later he wrote a term paper about his Santa-life ambitions.

He got a D. Starting at 4, Phillip Wenz knew he wanted to be Santa. He's living his dream. Now, days a year, he's living the dream. Heck, he's the only living member so far in the Santa Claus Hall of Fame. Take that, you D-giving teacher. He's also worked as a consultant for St. He penned the Santa Claus Oath and created a foundation to preserve Santa sanctity.

He's the Santa others point to for history lessons. He rattles off the names of giants and mentors who came before him -- legends like Jim Yellig, who was "the face of Santa Claus, Indiana, for 54 years" and helped Wenz on the term paper that earned him a D.

And one can't forget Charles W. Or, Don Goers, who inspired Wenz when he sat upon the man's knee in He gives quick tutorials on Santa's jolly journey, which dates back centuries to the giving spirit of St. Nicholas of Myra in modern-day Turkey. Nicholas entered popular culture in the s, appearing, for example, in the still-popular poem "The Night before Christmas. Wenz says it was in in Philadelphia that Santa reportedly made his first visit to a dry goods store.

InSanta plopped down for visitors in a Brockton, Massachusetts, department store. Next to Wenz's home in Crescent City, Illinois, a 2,square-foot building houses Santa-related research materials, props and memorabilia. The dedication to his career has come with sacrifice.

He's only shared Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with his daughter Holly yes, Holly -- who's married to-- brace yourself -- a Nicholas five times in 23 years. Wenz says there have probably been only four men with full-time careers in his field "in the history of Santa Clauses. They've all taken a seat in Brady White's lap. Brady White never imagined meeting Sylvester Stallone when he first, out of desperation, became Santa.

But his glamorous life he was once featured on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" isn't simply about appearing at chichi private parties and greeting stars and their children at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

It's for this reason that one of his agents might call, when he's at his second home in southern Italy, to tell him he's needed for a mountaintop catalog shoot in Colorado. White, whose other home is in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, won't reveal his age or how much earns, but he does say, "People can work six months and not make what I make in four hours. Mixed in with the money-making work, he dons the red suit for charities and children's hospitals.

White first entered the Santa game about three decades ago out of desperation. He was an unemployed actor in Los Angeles and nine months behind in his rent when he took a job as a mall Santa in Beverly Hills. The day after his win, two agents sought him out at the mall. He stopped shaving almost immediately. Literally, overnight, my life changed.

cawthra community centre seniors meet

He has close to 60 Santa outfits -- including a dyed-red mink suit which he admits has fallen out of favora gold sequin suit for Vegas and a black velvet version adorned with Swarovski crystals. At Cartier parties over the past 23 years, he's been flanked at times by bodyguards as his Santa hands held tiaras worn by queens, a flawless carat yellow canary diamond ring and necklaces valued at millions.

Cartier clients would leave the lavish food table with "caviar on their fingernails" and line up to sit with Santa as he adorned them with such "gifts" -- if only just for the photos.

Not all women, however, have expressed interest in those sorts of gifts. He says there are women who've confessed to having sexual Santa fantasies.

A woman at Cartier in Atlanta one year took a seat on Santa's lap and opened up her fur coat to reveal her bare breasts. The spirit It's the children's eyes that have hooked Louis Knezevich -- the way they light up, no matter how sick or hurt a child might be. And that joy exudes not just from the young who celebrate Christmas but from parents, grandparents and people of all faiths and backgrounds.

He sees this while working house parties or in his official role as the Santa at Atlanta's St. Knezevich, who promises coal in the stocking if his age is revealed, loves the magic, which shows up in ways the nine-year Santa veteran doesn't always anticipate.

About three years ago, Knezevich was walking into a restaurant in his native Cleveland when the spirit connected him to a little girl. She gawked at him with wonder, and even though her eyes drew him in, he couldn't miss the scars on her face. Teeba, injured in Iraq, now has her own special Santa in Santa Lou, who gave the girl his sleigh phone number. The adults sitting with the 6-year-old girl eventually passed him a note: She bombarded him with questions -- wanting to know about Mrs.

Claus, what the reindeers ate and how they all flew. At 19 months of age, Teeba had been traveling in a taxi with her family when the car drove over a roadside bomb.

She and her parents survived, but her brother didn't. In the three years since they first met and he gave her the number to his "sleigh phone," the two have stayed in close touch. He sees her when he travels to Cleveland and at events he attends to raise money for her care. Inhe surprised her by bringing her Christmas in July.

cawthra community centre seniors meet

At 9, she no longer believes in Santa, per se, but she still holds on to the magic. A typical phone conversation might begin with her saying, "Santa, I have something to tell you.

His late grandfather, James D. Rielly, was Santa for 62 years, an endeavor he began in at age The younger Rielly, a year-old software marketer, didn't recognize the face behind Bristol's legendary Santa for years, though. When he was 8 and stepped up to play Santa in a school play, he had no clue that the Santa who helped him get dressed for the performance -- under the watchful eye of a newspaper photographer -- was his grandfather.

Michael Rielly, left, knew one Santa when he was growing up. But it would be years before he knew it was his "Papa. If people insist on giving money, he directs it to charities. He visits the sort of people his grandfather visited: And he loves dropping in on nursing homes, which some Santas find as appealing as the narrowest of chimneys.

But when he walks in and sees the residents -- those who've lost all their friends or may not have family who visit -- the joy he witnesses makes the heat more than bearable. He likes the camaraderie and learning things he never thought to ask his grandfather. To foster ongoing relationships among Santas, he created ClausNet inan online community with more than 1, registered users across the globe.

Through discussion forums and live chats, Santas can share makeup tips, plan get-togethers and swap advice on answering those tough questions or impossible Christmas wishes.

Yellig, like Rielly's grandfather, is a hall of famer. It remains to be seen whether Rielly's year-old son Sean -- who like his sister was 12 when he learned that the local Santa was his very own dad -- will pick up the candy cane torch and carry on the tradition.

Rielly's father didn't have the Santa gene, so maybe it skips a generation. But Sean, who came home from the hospital in a red stocking on Christmas Day, four days after he was born, has shown signs of recognizing his birthright. He, too, opted for the Santa role in a school play and is currently playing Santa at a local McDonald's. And as a way to give back to an organization that helped him, the young man, who was diagnosed with Type 1 juvenile diabetes, has played Santa at the annual Christmas party for a Juvenile Diabetes Association office in Fall River, Massachusetts, for two years.

Having a large stand of trees located nearby increases the value of one's home. Because the benefits are mostly unseen, people need to be educated. They need to know that forests are there working for and doing their part for our community's betterment.

There are also a number of schools nearby that can use the woods for outdoor education opportunities. The other side of this issue is the City of Mississauga and its actions, its plans for the Cawthra Bush and how it treats taxpaying Mississaugans who are trying to exercise their right to be fully informed and participate in decision-making regarding their community.

In the City's idea of managing a forest was to log and tree farm it, as well as changing its forest succession and ecology by using chain saws - a plan that was to start in the Cawthra Bush and then be applied to all City forests thus eliminating old-growth features as it goes and making sure they do not develop.

The old-growth trees, or soon to be old-growth, were to be sold for fire wood and saw logs. This plan was approved without public involvement or input and despite anything the City says, could still take place, in the future, after public resistance is removed. The Cawthra Bush, unfortunately, is threatened and has already been heavily impacted on and needs to be protected from further detrimental City of Mississauga activities.

This includes erecting more buildings, opening the forest to the public as a recreation area and not protecting its environmentally significant features, in general. It was the FCB and CRRA members that found the most significant wildlife and lobbied for a wetlands evaluation, both of which increased Cawthra's environmental significance and, therefore, its protection.

On the enclosed chronological list of events, it can be seen that the City keeps trying to degrade the Cawthra Bush, a bit at a time, which is the traditional political method for opening an area up to development.

The above environmental significance of the Cawthra Bush proves the City was wrong to say the Cawthra Bush is in decline and requires the removal of hundreds of old trees. Environmental significance affords the Cawthra Bush its only protection; but we fear its loss, a bit at a time.

Death by a thousand cuts. The City has even turned down a free study by the University of Toronto to study Cawthra's unique water table.

Seniors Month 2018

Does this sound like a City that wants the best for its forests and communities? It is with the facts that we go to the public and form our evaluations of the City's plans and statements. Freedom of Information is a key aspect of democracy, as taxpayers can't make informed decisions unless they have all the facts.

The goal of my requests was to provide to Mississaugans, City records gained by the Freedom of Information process, in order for them to make fully informed decisions.

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The City's own documents are used in public meetings or presented to taxpayers right in their homes. They will also show that City staff or its politicians have just plainly not told the truth. Nonetheless, they refuse to acknowledge the facts, evidently, as they would support the right of Canadians to know what their government is really up to.

cawthra community centre seniors meet

At the beginning, I was warned by those who have dealt with the Mayor of Mississauga before, that she was very abusive and did so to drive away people who were opposing City plans. So I stepped up to take the brunt of her abuse. In time, I also became the most informed person in the group as to how the City worked and the issues surrounding the Cawthra Bush.

And as the old saying goes, cut off the head and the body dies. The City targets me to eliminate community opposition.

The City shuts out these groups when they disagree with the City's plans. A pattern of personal attacks and false allegations against members of the public, rather than dealing with the issues, becomes the City's method of dealing with those in opposition to its plans.

About 20 people attended This was the City's information meeting that was to simply tell residents about the logging and tree-farming, because it had already been approved! Those attending were not given the facts regarding the planned logging, nor were they shown or told about past biological studies that pointed to just how environmentally significant the Cawthra Bush is.

The City was not allowed to make its full presentation as those in attendance didn't believe what the City was saying and questioned everything. At the end, the then Ward Councillor stood up and said it was clear that we all agreed with City plans.

I contacted those who attended and got letters from the majority stating they did not agree and had not expressed agreement. The City of Mississauga was going into the Cawthra Bush to start logging and tree farming and this forest management was part of the unapproved Master Plan.

This was all without public input or involvement prior to approval by City Council. This plan is to be used to log and tree farm all of Mississauga's forested lands.

The City goes on to Provincial land as some of the Cawthra Bush was at that timeand log it without properly informing the Province of its intentions. The FCB is a reasonable and educated group who are committed to informed decision making regarding the future of the Cawthra Bush. The FCB feels that if the citizens are properly informed about the City's plans and the real alternatives to them, then sound decisions can be made on the future of the Cawthra Bush.

July 19 - The Mayor unlawfully shuts down my legal right to access City records, by way of the FOI Act, on behalf of the community.

A recording of the Mayor stating that the records will not be provided can be heard on my web-site. This was done in an election years and FOI requests were not restarted till after the election and too late for the community to get the facts about a watermain that was constructed in the winter of This Committee was formed to develop a "woodlot management policy" for the City.

It is being developed by a group of two councillors, City staff, and five experts in their fields ie. However, there are no general members from the community which is usually the case on these committees.

The FCB had documented that more than 40, gallons of water a day was being drained out of the Cawthra Bush and surrounding area by the trench in which the watermain had been installed. In this case, the City presented its plans to Mississaugans saying there was no choices or alternative to them.

The FCB did the research and drafted an alternative plan which, with the support of the community, was the one the City was made to accept. Deforestation of the east side of the Cawthra Bush was prevented by informed residents petitioning and lobbying the City to let the forest grow back a forest edge along the route of the newly installed watermain.

The City had said the area cleared by the watermain construction was to be mostly kept clear of anything woody, such as trees and shrubs, forever, in case maintenance on the pipe was needed which, by all accounts, was very unlikely. The City had proposed to have an open grass field scattered with "flowers" for the attraction of butterflies. It wanted the public to approve this. Public pressure forced the City to change its plans so that a proper forest edge could grow and to recognize trees and shrubs could grow in the easement area.

The mere claim of guilt by association is enough; and to legalize this in Canada is an insult to democracy itself. As we, the FCB are too poor to challenge this in courts, it stands. This will be used to end Ontarians' rights to access records about the Cawthra Bush and discover exactly what the Mayor of Mississauga needs to carry out her political agenda.

Using the FOI Act to get a copy of Peel police notes, I learned that the reason the Peel police were at my door was because they were concerned about my "demeanour". In the City of Mississauga, politicians send the police to your door if they don't like your attitude! As I said before. In reality, it's just the same old plan reworded and repackaged. Residents rejected it and turn out was good for a winter storm night. An effort was made for a vote to be taken, but the City refused that.

Although the City will not accept and did not record this fact in the minutes of this meeting, it does go about changing its plans. An effort is made to correct the minutes but the City refuses to meet with the FCB again. This is part of a pattern by the City that includes threatening letters from City lawyers and the police sent to my home, to shut out our group and the community in general, from dealing meaningfully with the City.

Because the local Councillor and the City make no effort to deal with other members of our groups of whom they are aware, it is clear they are inventing excuses of a defamatory nature to avoid dealing with taxpayers who know a bad plan when they see it and have every reason not to agree with the City as there are better solutions.

The City centres its harassment on me in the hope that taking action against me will end the community's effort to save the Cawthra Bush. City staff and politicians make a point of creating records that make it appear as if I act alone with no community support. The old saying about those who control the minutes of the meeting, control the meeting, is taken very seriously by the City. This only adds to the list as to why hydrology is a key element at the Cawthra Bush.

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The City was told about the Crayfish, but didn't even call for any details, let alone to say thank you for their discovery. There is still the chance that there are more important elements of the Cawthra ecosystem that are yet to be discovered.

I am not the only person to make such a complaint against her. More on my web-site. This Committee was made up of elected members of Council.

The minutes taken didn't factually represent the concerns expressed at the meeting. Again, City staff created a false record of events. A ratepayers group is formed to help save the Cawthra Bush and to represent the community's concerns regarding the environment in the area of the Cawthra Bush to the City of Mississauga in a more effective and traditional fashion.

It notes there are now 1, petitions supporting our efforts rejecting City's plans for the Cawthra Bush; and signatures affirming that I represent their concerns to the City of Mississauga. This is in regard to just one series of petitions. There have been other series of petitions noting different issues.

A well-attended meeting of about 80 persons. Monies collected allow us to put out our largest mailing to date and to get people out for important meetings. The City was overwhelmed by the near 80 persons who attended. Since the City didn't believe Mississaugans would stand up on this issue, they were caught off guard. The meeting room was too small and there were not enough chairs.

City staff were falling over themselves trying to not look bad but to no avail. The City's consultant was discredited by the City! The Councillors suddenly felt the need to send the Plan back to staff for rewording and in the confused debate that followed, it took two votes do this.