Created to be his help meet pdf writer

Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl

created to be his help meet pdf writer

Created to be His Help Meet has ratings and reviews. The author didn't write the book to gain approval (through her comments and tone) but to relay. PDF By Debi Pearl: Created to Be His Help Meet: Discover How God Can Make Your Marriage Glorious "READ BOOK. At the time of writing this review, it has been on the market for 8 years, Created To Be His Help Meet is not entirely bad, of course, and Pearl.

When a woman writes to ask Pearl how to deal with a husband who idolizes television and allows their young children to view inappropriate shows, Pearl responds by telling her to imagine the day her husband leaves her. The young children will cry when you leave for work, and the older children will be glad to see you go so they can exercise their new found liberties. If you continue to dishonor your husband, the above scenario will likely become our own personal nightmare—soon!

It got worse when he wanted you to do something exotic sexually. Divorce is never planned, but is almost always preceded by certain avoidable reactive behavior and events. Do you know who created you, and do you know he is the same God who expects you to freely give sex to your husband? She is a harsh, critical and angry person and this ugly tone pervades this book. Where is the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control that ought to mark the Christian, and especially the Christian mentor?

Who would want their wife or their daughter or anyone else to be mentored by a harsh, graceless, angry person like Debi Pearl? Foolish Counsel Much of what Pearl teaches in this book comes via answers to letters she has received.

Created to be His Helpmeet

She consistently offers poor, even shocking, counsel in her return letters. To one woman she says that if her husband sexually handles their children, that woman must call the authorities wise!

Not only this, but she tells the wife that is she does this, it will certainly win her husband to the Lord so once he is released, they can get on with life. This is far too terse and has far too little nuance to be at all helpful.

created to be his help meet pdf writer

She advises this wife that instead of confronting her husband in any way, she should ooze sexuality and constantly seduce him in order to show him what he is giving up. This will work, she says. She had said that David's sin of adultery would have been prevented if Bathsheba hadn't bathed on the roof Let's pretend that it wasn't the custom in those times to bathe on the roof, the only place that had privacy in homes those days.

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I am not saying they she didn't bear any of the responsibility, because she did, but I am appalled at how that scenario was turned so that the Pearls could prove just how evil women are. Another thing that really bothered me was the twisting of Deborah. Certainly not God, for He had delivered the victory into the hands of a woman Jael because of Barak's ungodly response to Deborah's instruction! I don't know if his response "I will not go unless you are with me" is cowardly or scoffing her, I haven't figured that out, but it is obvious that God was displeased with BARAK, not Deborah.

Also, she is great at advising women to go to their husbands with their emotional needs and I wholeheartedly agree, but warns that spending too much time with women and getting close may result in you becoming a lesbian she didn't use that word, but she definitely alluded to it, I would get the direct quote but I threw the book away as soon as I was done.

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Jesus said that the world would know who we are by our love for each other, and he didn't seem at all worried that a deep love for fellow sisters or brothers would become something unnatural perverted. There was some advice that was given that absolutely scared me.

created to be his help meet pdf writer

One was advising women who were feeling pain during intercourse to suck it up meet your husband's needs Any pain during what is a normal bodily function means that there is something wrong, not that you need to deny yourself, merrily pretend there is nothing wrong and get through it. Another thing that bothered me is a woman was confessing that her husband was breaking into cars and having her stand guard.

Debi's advice was to call the cops and turn him in How about confessing herself since she was helping?

Created to Be His Help Meet -

These would be biblical and godly instructions. Another thing - and this is the last one, I promise - she instructs women to visit their husbands in jail who have molested their children There is a time for forgiveness, there is a time for confronting your offender, and yes he is their father, but this turned my stomach and it's in knots writing this. Making an innocent child visit and pretend everything is okay with the man who tarnished and stole their innocence Don't bad mouth the man, but don't bring him jailbait either.

And - okay, I do have one more - I grew tired of her using scare tactics to get the reader to do the right and in her mind "godly" thing by your husband. He will have an affair if you don't do this. He will leave you for someone else if you don't do that. I love God, and I love my husband and I serve both out of reverence for God because it is love that drives me, it is joy, it is security in my faith and in my God.

I know he will take care of me and I desire Him above all else Having said all of this, I will say that I agree about serving, I agree we need to consider others before ourselves, and we especially need to consider our husbands above ourselves.