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meet criteria spanish

meets the criteria translation spanish, English - Spanish dictionary, meaning, see also 'meet',meseta',met',meths', example of use, definition, conjugation. Of the patients studied, fulfilled the ACR criteria and 93 did not meet these criteria (45 did not complete the assessment). From the control groups. English-Spanish Translations of Common Terms Related to IDEA OSEP Spanish Glossary of Common IDEA Terms, Region 1 Parent .. to meet criteria.

Other options are private pensions in Spain via a pension fund or direct insurance, which enable participants to make individual contributions at an agreed rate. These are offered through financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies and are administered by investment managers.

Residents in Spain can claim this tax exemption on their annual tax return. Advertisement Application for a Spanish pension To apply for a Spanish pension, you must visit your local INSS to submit a pension application form and necessary documents within three months before or after your last day of work.

Meet criteria

Once this has been completed, the INSS will process the application. Pension payments will be typically backdated to your last working day up to a maximum of three months see the process here.

meet criteria spanish

If you have a digital certificate, you can check online Spanish pension application forms. If at any point your financial or family situation changes, for example you remarry, you need to report such changes to the management authority that handles your Spanish pension. Financial and family variations can affect your pension rate in Spain, and you may receive undue benefits which will typically have to be paid back. The obligation to repay unduly received pension benefits expires after four years, although conditions apply.

This is providing the deceased made the minimum 15 years of social security contributions or at least days contributions in the last five years on a private insurance plan. The spouse remains eligible as long as he or she has not remarried. This entitlement ends if the child is adopted or marries.

Non-contributory pension in Spain: Spanish pension support For those who are not eligible for the contribution-based Spanish pension and who do not have sufficient income, a basic pension in Spain can be provided via the Compulsory Old Age and Disability Insurance — or Seguro Obligatorio de Vejez e Invalidez SOVI — which is not dependent on a contributory system but based on need.

It is also offered to foreigners whose household incomes are less than the set threshold and who have lived in Spain for at least 10 years within the last 15 years, including two consecutive years immediately prior to claiming a Spanish pension. These payments are made in 14 monthly instalments, with additional instalments made in June and November. Those with disabilities need to claim their pension in Spain directly, rather than have it claimed by a carer or guardian, to be eligible for the two additional months.

meet criteria spanish

The non-contributory pension in Spain is means-tested, thus income is a factor. Other non work-related finances, such as savings or incomes of those living with the applicant, are taken into consideration when assessing eligibility. The collection should also contain standard Spanish language titles from Spanish-speaking communities and countries.

meet criteria spanish

When purchasing translated works, carefully examine the languages used to insure accuracy and faithfulness to the original work. Also provide any locally produced access and identification aids, including lists, bibliographies, and point-of-use bibliographic instructional materials in Spanish.

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Include all reading levels, whether educational or recreational. Supplement traditional print and audiovisual materials with electronic resources available on the Internet. Consult general and specialized evaluation tools.

Take into consideration the country of origin and communities served. As part of the process for acquiring Spanish language materials, develop good professional relationships with vendors and continually explore different options and services.

Support local Spanish language bookstores and consider them important sources of information and materials.

Select and evaluate bookstores and their services on an ongoing basis. Encourage local support through gifts, exchanges and donations to the collection. When evaluating these items, consider the formally established criteria included in a gifts and donations policy statement. Apply normal selection criteria when determining whether to add gifts and donations to the collections.

meet criteria spanish

Include those materials not appropriate for the collection in book sales, exchanges or donations to other libraries or organizations that serve Spanish-speaking communities. Choices should reflect the characteristics of the local community.

Federal census data, state government statistics, and interviews with local leaders, local residents, and other community organizations will assist in the development of the community profile. A meaningful community profile will include such information as gender, age, level of education, language skills and country of origin.

Because of limited resources available for services to the Spanish-speaking community within any given institution, libraries serving the target population should cooperate with local community groups.

Such cooperation may include the sharing of program costs, cooperative acquisitions, or joint reciprocal borrowing privileges, to name but a few. Each represented culture must be considered in the development of programming and should be accurately reflected in the program content.

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Further these aims by: Use programs, literature, and publicity in creative ways and in a variety of settings to attract those for whom libraries are not part of their life experience. Provision of access to electronic resources in all formats is an especially important service that must be provided to users who may have had limited experience in the use of computer technology.

Include workshops on library services to Spanish speakers such as: