Ariel lin and joe cheng relationship 2011 movie

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javascript:void(0) Ariel Lin (Chinese: 林依晨; born 29 October ) is a Taiwanese actress and Lin reunited with Joe Cheng in They Kiss Again (), the sequel of It Lin then starred in romance drama In Time with You (), co- starring Bolin Chen. On December 24, , Lin married businessman Charles Lin. Joe Cheng is a Taiwanese model, actor and singer. His recent films are The Queens and The Beloved both are shown in Joe Cheng has been linked to leading lady Ariel Lin whom she co starred in the famous series “It Started with Ariel is now married to Taiwanese business man Charles Lin. During the interviews, both Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin admitted that, both of them will fall in love with their on screen partner. Lin's mother was crying and felt like her daughter is really getting married, Joe Cheng June 25, at pm .. hi im winchelle im one of ur dying fans and like ur movie it started with a kiss and .

ariel lin and joe cheng relationship 2011 movie

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