Bhagavad gita relationship between krishna and arjuna picture

Krishna and Arjuna - Summary of the Bhagavad-Gita

bhagavad gita relationship between krishna and arjuna picture

bhagavad gita quotes | Picture of Arjuna and Krishna from Bhagavad Gita Quotes . Lord Krishna With Arjuna Hindu Quotes, Gita Quotes, Krishna Quotes. Arjuna's mother Kunti is the sister of Krishna's father Vasudeva, thereby making Krishna took on Arjuna as His disciple when he instructed the Gita to him. The relationship of the two men grows through the devotion and . This way of the dharmic path Krsna shows to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita when he Katz, Ruth Cecily () Arjuna in the Mahabharata: Where Krishna is.

Therefore in the beginning Arjuna becomes bewildered. Although Arjuna knows it is his duty to fight, when he is seated on the chariot in the middle of the two armies—Pandavas on one side and Kurus on the other side—Arjuna looks everywhere on both sides and sees only friends and family members and his teachers.

Arjuna’s Bewilderment

Everyone is related to him in some way. So he thinks that if they fight this war it will be a great disaster. Even if Arjuna is victorious in the battle because so many of his friends and family members will be killed on both sides he is feeling that his life would not be worth living because most of his friends and family members will get killed in the battle. On one hand he knows he is a ksatriya and he is on the battlefield and he should fight.

But on the other hand he sees the people he has to fight and they include his worshipable superiors and teachers, his friends and his family members. So on the other hand he is feeling it is also his duty not to kill his superiors, his teachers and his friends and family members.

In this position Arjuna is completely bewildered about his duty, he does not know what to do. The relationship between Krishna and Arjuna changes at this moment.

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In the beginning of the discussion they were friends, but Arjuna becomes bewildered and does not know what to do so to solve this problem he accepts his friend Krishna as his spiritual master, as his guru and surrenders to Him.

In this condition I am asking You to tell me clearly what is best for me.

bhagavad gita relationship between krishna and arjuna picture

Now I am Your disciple, and a soul surrendered unto You. Krishna has instructed Arjuna that he should do his duty as a ksatriya and fight. But Arjuna realized that if he fights this battle then it will be disastrous for his friends and family who will mostly all get killed. So Arjuna is thinking that it would be better for everyone if he did not fight. Then the battle would not take place and his family members would not be killed. Arjuna says here that he is confused about his duty.

bhagavad gita relationship between krishna and arjuna picture

Actually at this point Arjuna is completely confused about his duty. On one hand he knows that he has the duty as a ksatriya and he should fight but on the other hand he has another duty to his superiors, teachers, friends and family members who will get killed in this battle and he does not want to see them killed.

bhagavad gita relationship between krishna and arjuna picture

He is thinking his duty to save his family and his friends is more important than his duty to fight. With his mind reeling, he foresees not just a battle between people who know each other, he also foresees the imminent death of people who are or have been close to him: Throwing down his bow and his arrows, Arjuna decides he will not participate in this battle.

He will not fight this day or any other if the battle requires him to fight against such people.

bhagavad gita relationship between krishna and arjuna picture

All of those events occur, however, before Arjuna realizes the true nature of his charioteer. Once Krishna has shown Arjuna his four-armed and universal forms, the Pandava Prince is stunned at the power of his charioteer.

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Far more than a man of knowledge, Krishna is all-powerful. He is not just a leader, he is the Supreme Being whom Arjuna should not just respect but should worship. Initially, the Prince put-down his bow and arrows because he thought it would be sinful to battle his friends, teachers and near-relatives. Arjuna has learned something else.

The Significance of the Chariot with Krishna and Arjuna

A person can only know Krishna by surrendering to him in devotional service. Surrender unto Me alone. Do not fear sinful reactions.