Punishment for haram relationship in islam

punishment for haram relationship in islam

Dear bother in Islam, thank you very much for having confidence in us, and we Muslims should have good relations with all people, males as well as I can say what you call friendship could have some percentage of leading intoharam. A man and a woman repented from an unlawful sexual relationship, but they continued to kiss and embrace, but without a sexual relationship. Zina is undoubtedly haram; by extension, any relationship which involves then for them is half the punishment for free [unmarried] women.

The sooner you do this the better.

Get Over It: 21 Ways to Say Goodbye to that Haram Relationship and Move on With Your Life

Control Your Emotions 5. Turn the Radio Off This is not a debate about the permissibility of music. Every song will be about you two. Just lay off of it for a bit and give yourself some time off. Let other, more important things occupy your thoughts. Read a book instead.

punishment for haram relationship in islam

Realize that you never really loved them for the sake of Allah, no matter how much you thought you did or what MSA event you met them at. You need something that started on the right foundation. Fill That Void 8.

Punished for Being in a Haram Relationship | About Islam

Cry to Him if you want to. Do whatever you can to get closer to Him. Allah has an open door policy. Do What You Love Do things that you actually enjoy doing.

Play sports, go hiking, head to the driving range, watch a movie. Rekindle Your Relationship with Allah There is a fulfillment that you will never get from people that only the Most Merciful can fulfill.

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Know that He has always taken care of you when you had nowhere else to turn to. Ask for His forgiveness and put your trust in Him. He will not neglect you. So know that Allah is the best of planners. And ask that He grant you someone who will bring you closer to Him and make you happy. Just live your life so that you deserve it.

After the Prophet died, Ibn Abbas [ra] was said to increase in fasting and prayer. Follow up with something good. Pray at night while others are sleeping. Fast some extra days. Just be thankful that Allah saved you from something that could have gotten worse.

punishment for haram relationship in islam

He is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful. Stop Dreaming about Marriage People spend way too much of their youth thinking about marriage. Your whole life, and especially your youth, is not about you being attached to someone else. As the Prophet said: Take Time to Evaluate Evaluate what really makes sense in your life with regards to marriage. Is it really the right time for you?

If not, is that time soon? Get the advice of good, righteous, and knowledgeable people to help evaluate. Use this time to develop your relationship with your parents. Get their take on things as well and talk to them about how you feel.

Know that This Too Shall Pass One of my teachers once told me that all things in life start small and grow, except for the calamity, which starts big and only becomes smaller. And know that leaving what is haram will only make your marriage stronger when you do find the right one by the grace of Allah.

Be a Better You Rediscover Yourself Discover your talents. Develop your skills in something you enjoy. With such sincerity, indeed, Allah helps those who help themselves. To help me respond to your question, I will draw from an earlier response I gave to another questioner on a similar topic related to repentance, forgiveness, and why our past sins should not affect our future relationships from a spiritual perspective.

Everything else under the sun is forgivable as long as one is sincere in their repentance to Allah. What your wife did with that other man several years back was of course sinful. Your wife is no different. As a major sin, it is still one that is very much capable of being forgiven. O My slaves who have transgressed against themselves!

O son of Adam, if your sins reach the clouds in the sky and you seek forgiveness, I will forgive you and I will not bother. O son of Adam, if you come to Me with so many sins that they fill the earth, and you meet Me without having ascribed partners to Me, I will forgive you with the same great amount of forgiveness. In this counseling video: Furthermore, our scholars tell us that past sins we have repented for should be treated as if they never happened.

We should not talk about them, discuss them, bring them up or the like, for Allah — through His Forgiveness and Mercy — has covered them for us.

The point to this is that your past relationships should have nothing to do with your future marriage from that sort of spiritual perspective. That is a different story entirely. Being a convert to Islam myself, I have some experience in this area.