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david panarelli rtc relationship marketing

[email protected] Director of Building . David E. Morales, Esq. Roger Small Other Financing uses change in agency account types. Operating Joanne Panarelli is assigned to the Water. Department. (#SSartcenter) Contributing Members Donors Sponsors Business Members. . IN PAINTING 9//11 Tues pm Laurinda OConnor Dianne Panarelli. Chairman Term expires Norman F, Boucher James E. Bristol, Jr. David A. the tax rate for the fiscal year ; or take any other action in relation thereto . time the division is not collecting glass due to the fact there is no market for it . .. 1 CO ^ l> CO H rH OOO •» %» **» 05 rH m t> rH CD 00 rfc t> CO rtc m o co .

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How To Turn Your Database Into Dollars With Customer Relationship Marketing

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david panarelli rtc relationship marketing

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david panarelli rtc relationship marketing

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Alexander Schmelzer

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Alexander Schmelzer

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david panarelli rtc relationship marketing

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It is the kitchen table approach, meaning that platemaking can be done quickly with no expertise or studio equipment required; they can be made any size and recycled for additional use.

Printmaking, using these plates, is also simple fare. Waterbased inks are used and applied to the plate with a brayer. Cleanup is with water, no chemicals. Stencils and natural materials are used easily and successfully, while overprinting multiple colors yields striking results and both positive and negative techniques give added variety to the imagery.

These processes, along with multiple paper choices, make this medium well worth exploring. Bring your curiosity and open mind and discover your inner world of amazing images.

Students must purchase GEL making materials see supply list online and determine individual print plate sizes. Students familiar with this technique may continue with work previously created or materials previously experimented with. Students will receive individual instruction while engaging in technical concepts and project ideas. Functional and non-functional pieces will be created, glazed, and fired.

Texture, form, and surface treatment will be covered as part of the one-on-one instruction, reinforced by demonstrations of technique and process.

We will start where you are; beginners will learn how to center clay, make small bowls and cups, and advanced students will explore more complicated forms including lidded jars and teapots. Handbuilders will learn pinch, coil, and slab techniques and will produce a variety of containers and objects. Come ready to try new ideas. Glaze applications will be demonstrated and independent projects are welcomed in this very supportive class.

Open to all students. This class will allow you to expand your glazing repertoire. The first classes will focus on learning new techniques. Students will then be able to put their new knowledge into practice through their hand-built and wheel-thrown clay work.

Prior clay experience is required to take this course. Emphasis will be on novel use of scale, surface design, and fabrication techniques. We will study the sculptural forms and surfaces of: Through assignments that give liberal opportunity for individual interpretation, students will grow their skills and ability to work with modern and abstract forms in clay.

Students will learn the fundamentals of exposure by taking advantage of the features and functionality specific to their own digital camera. This course will focus on the technical aspects of digital photography, including image file formats, lens selection, light metering, and developing your own digital workflow.

You will build on your abilities week-to-week through various assignments created to reinforce the topics you ve learned. Students should bring their cameras and manuals to class.

Digital SLR cameras required. This class will build your knowledge and expand your artistic vision. Beyond the exposure, structure, and composition of your work, we will address personal style, artistic intent, creativity, and inspiration. Students can count on in-depth critique of new work every week, and inspirational discussions about the work of past and current artists in a fun and relaxed environment.

Students will make new work each week and will be encouraged to work on an ongoing photographic project in a subject that most interests them.

If you do not have subjects in mind, we will find them. It is recommended that students use a Digital SLR camera.

Students will learn how to prepare a variety of surfaces for collage application and will create unique papers with various printmaking techniques integrated with acrylic paint and drawing media. Experimentation and play are essential to the collage-making process.

We will do plenty of both as we strive to create satisfying, richly layered compositions utilizing fabrics, textural materials, fibers, and wood elements. We will discuss materials as the course progresses. Students are encouraged to bring their own collection of inspiring materials. The materials list will be posted online. Don t tear the pages!

Don t turn down the corner! Have you ever heard a teacher or librarian say those things? In this class we are throwing all that out the window and breaking the rules. We are turning books into art! Students will alter used hard-backed books and turn them into works of art, using various techniques to create page backgrounds, flaps and page pockets, decorative edges, cover design, coloring mediums, and shadowbox effects. Your book and its pages will be your canvas as you draw, paint, rip, burn, fold, stamp, and whatever you can think of.

If you like any type of art - collage, scrapbooking, stamping, or mixed media - then you will love making an altered book. The possibilities are endless for what your altered book can become: Throughout the course, I ll share the many altered books that I ve made to inspire your creative journey, as well as discuss the history of the altered book and introduce you to some of the modern masters.

The direction and theme you take your book is totally up to you. Here s how it works: She will choose one of the submitted topics for the first workshop s demonstration and instruction, another for the second, etc. You will learn and see demonstrations relevant to your personal pastel painting development.

This is an educational yet fun pastel workshop. Plenty of instructor s handsoff guidance at your easel. Open to all adult student levels. General suggested materials list available; additional materials list depending upon topics received available ten days prior to workshop.

An in-depth investigation into basic drawing principles will be emphasized. Composition, perspective, proportion, focal point, value pattern, and the use of light and shadow techniques will be studied using the human head as subject.

At the end of the course, students will have attained a better understanding of portraiture s historical importance, and its contemporary use today. After preliminary instruction and demonstration, students will work with models using a variety of media. In this workshop the students will also learn rotary cutting and foundation crazy piecing on a sewing machine with unmeasured strips and will construct their own unique composition.

Basic use of sewing machines is required. A simple still life will be completed utilizing techniques experienced in previous exercises. How do you see yourself and others? We will look for new ways to visualize the portrait. What is behind the mask and how much of it do we need to see? What associations, artifacts, symbols and mediums help define the inner life?

We will examine the perceptual vs. Problems will be given as starting points, with some work to be done in class and outside of class. Experimentation with collage is highly encouraged and may include old letters, pages from cookbooks, art books, newspapers, plastic, wood, cloth fragments, or anything that will set the stage for the idea to build on.

Past SXSW Interactive Festival Speakers

This course moves into the known and the unknown areas of portraiture: The investigation and focus in this work will relate to how other visual concepts about your art can be developed; that is, how the portrait becomes part of an artist s evolution through their work. Learn to paint the reflections of shiny objects and subtle transparencies in glass forms. Through demonstrations, instruction, and exercises, you will discover techniques that will enable you to capture the flash and flare of metal and glass, while responding expressively to the challenges of reflected light on transparent surfaces.

Drawing and some painting experience is required. We will begin drawing from observation and quickly move into the addition of various materials. You may choose to work in representation or abstraction or transform your drawing to include the imagined or remembered.

The addition of collage and photographic transfers may also be integrated into the work. Finding a personal preference to materials, mark making, and surface will be discussed in relation to meaning. Come with lots of paper, as we will work vigorously.

Open to all levels. We will start where you are: Hand builders will learn pinch, coil, slab techniques and will produce a variety of containers and objects.

Come ready to try new ideas. Glaze applications will be demonstrated and independent projects are welcomed in this very supportive class. Open to all students. This class will allow you to expand your glazing repertoire.

The first classes will focus on learning new techniques. Students will then be able to put their new knowledge into practice through their clay hand built and wheel thrown work. Prior clay experience is required to take this course. Emphasis will be on novel use of scale, surface design, and fabrication techniques. We will study the sculptural forms and surfaces of: Through assignments that give liberal opportunity for individual interpretation, students will grow their skills and ability to work with modern and abstract forms in clay.

Students will learn how to assemble papers, photographs, and found objects to repurpose old artworks into a multimedia collage. In this course students will reference contemporary art and artists to lend a visual structure and a thematic foundation to class activities and projects. In addition, there will be discussions and strategies used to incorporate photography into several collage projects.

Instruction will involve demonstrations, individual attention, group critiques and a review of the on-line Flickr album. Participants of all abilities are welcome to join us. Come with an open mind and a desire to explore a personal and experimental approach to art. You will be encouraged to allow chance and the element of surprise to play an active role in your art-making process.

Emphasis will be placed on preparing the proper surfaces for collage and multiple layers of paint. Recycled materials, handmade and printed papers, various adhesives and acrylic paint will be used for our projects. A variety of techniques and subject matter will be introduced and students may apply techniques to their independent work. We will have group critiques and share many examples of mixed media work to inspire and further illuminate the process.

Don t tear the pages! Don t turn down the corner! Have you ever heard a teacher or librarian say those things? In this class we are throwing all that out the window and breaking the rules. We are turning books into art!

We will alter used hard-backed books and turn them into works of art. Your book and its pages will be your canvas as you draw, paint, rip, burn, fold, stamp, and whatever else you can think of.

If you like any type of art collage, scrapbooking, stamping, or mixed media then you will love making an altered book. The possibilities are absolutely endless for what your altered book can become. By using various coloring mediums, embellishments, and techniques, you can turn your book into a planner, an art journal, a shadowbox, or even into a scrapbook. Throughout the course, students will be exposed to original examples of artists books as well as works by modern masters.

Instruction will be based on a weekly progression of the various techniques, procedures and applications required in creating an original altered book. Students will determine the direction and theme they will follow in the production of this artwork. This class is not only a study of one of the most enigmatic figures in the history of art but also an investigation into the creative process and development of visual ideas.

While this class draws on an earlier presentation of works by Picasso, The Enigma that is Picasso: A Study in Change and Continuity Winter,this latest offering will explore Picasso s innovations in a more hands on approach. This is a class which is designed for students of all abilities.

The objective is to develop an appreciation for Picasso s legacy, to explore a more expansive view of creating and defining visual art works, and to uncover the creative spirit within you. We are pleased to provide a certificate of completion for any of our adult courses or workshops. Students will learn the fundamentals of exposure by taking advantage of the features and functionality specific to their own digital camera.

This course will focus on the technical aspects of digital photography, including image file formats, lens selection, the light metering, and developing your own digital workflow.

You will build on your abilities week-to-week through various assignments created to reinforce the topics you ve learned. Students should bring their cameras and manuals to class. Digital SLR cameras required. If you have already taken the SSAC s Basic Digital Photography workshop, or a comparable basic digital photography class, this is the next logical step to advance your skills. You will build on your knowledge, move into finer detail and push to expand your artistic vision.

Beyond the exposure, structure and composition of you work, we will address personal style, artistic intent, creativity, and inspiration. Students can count on indepth demonstrations and inspirational discussions about the work of past and current artists including certain Photoshop and Lightroom techniques in a fun and relaxed environment.

This course is designed for students with SLR Cameras only. Enjoy watching a pastel painting demonstration at the beginning of the day, then enjoy your own painting time, with guidance, for the balance. A great learning experience. For any pastel student level. Learn how to plan your paintings so that they can relate to viewers through emotion and mood. Bring reference photos of landscapes; instructor will help you choose the best composition, and guide you while you paint it in pastels.

Day begins with a pastel demonstration, followed by student painting time. This workshop begins with brainstorming in order to tap into your own unique vision.

Bring photos or objects that have great appeal to you, and that you think represent the unique person that you are humorous, fantastical, mysterious, etc. Instructor s pastel demonstration illustrates the methods and techniques you can use to translate your vision into a masterpiece. Plenty of one-on-one assistance at your easel combined with teacher s hands off instruction.

Next, a quick value study demo, followed by a simple way to begin painting from direct observation. Learn how careful observation and honest placement of the right color notes will create form almost magically. This workshop is intended to help strengthen your color, values, and shapes. Some drawing and painting experience is helpful. Are you stuck in writing a first or fresh artist s statement?

Have you noticed that statements vary, depending on your audience and purpose? An artist s statement is promotional writing meant to engage viewers through effective, active language that represents your work, your process and you, as an artist. This 3-hour interactive workshop offers examples, advice, exercises, support and sharing of participants and artists statements you have found on web or elsewhere.

You ll leave with ideas for a fresh, new working artist s statement to help your website, proposals, publicity and funding. Bring a notebook, your own artist s statement finished or a work-inprogress and one statement by a visual artist that has provoked, or excited you.

Working with a beautiful color palette made of paper, cloth and acrylic mediums and paint, while also exploring traditional painting techniques and composition, students will explore layering, applying patterns, and working with values.

Students will also explore ways to loosen up and work in the medium of collage with creative spontaneity. The goal of this workshop is to create several spontaneous works that will form a visual vocabulary and process which will become the framework for successful works of art.

No experience is required. All materials are provided. A class that will appeal to individuals of various ability levels? Join us on three Monday evenings to learn the craft of Large Scale Image Transfer and create strikingly visual images which will inspire and inform your imagination and technique. Initially, students will experiment with the image transfer process and create a smaller work using wood, paper, and matte medium.

Next, students will choose their own images and photos, and learn how to enlarge on a computer by a process called tilingand then print in color on 8 x11 sheets. In the following classes, students will transfer images of their own choosing onto large pieces of wood and canvas, with the goal of completing show-worthy works of art. No experience or computers are required.

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Early registration is suggested based on past experiences. Felting is the process of creating a form or material using interlocking fibers. Students designs are crafted through wet agitation and compression that causes fibers to hook together into a single piece of fabric. Students will explore needle felting and wet felting while learning appropriate language and fiber techniques. Learn different knotting, folding, wrapping, and fabric blocking techniques in demos and as you prepare your fabric.

At the end of the day, we will dip everything in an indigo dye bath, unwrap, and check out our final products. Shibori dying is not precise technique, so students should be open to experimenting and embracing the unexpected. This class will focus on dyeing provided items, using a prepared dye bath. Students will receive a tote bag, 4 cotton napkins, 2 tea towels, cotton scarf, and silk scarf to dye in class.

Students will apply small strips of fabric directly to a batting or fabric foundation to improvise abstract designs. The results may be finished as wall art or used in making functional objects. Students will explore use of color, pattern and design elements to make a unique work of art. Some sewing machine experience is required and students must provide their own sewing machine.

Composition, color and design with fabric will be the focus along with basic techniques for working with fabric. Basic use of sewing machine experience is required. Enormous herds of Wildebeests, Zebra, antelopes and gazelles graze under the watchful eyes of Africa s great predators.

It is nature at its most wild. For this special presentation join wildlife photographer Shawn Carey on an adventure into the heart of Tanzania.