Queen elizabeth and mary of scots relationship quotes

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queen elizabeth and mary of scots relationship quotes

Mary I of Scotland (–), often known as Mary, Queen of Scots, was About the quote: To the group of people appointed by Elizabeth to try Mary for. Elizabeth I's relationship with Mary, Queen of Scots dominated English and Scottish politics for 20 years. Now, as a new film Mary Queen of. Anne's marriage to Henry VIII was annulled, and Elizabeth was declared illegitimate. Edward's will was set aside and Mary became queen, deposing Lady Jane Grey. 1 Quotes. Speech to the Troops at Tilbury (); The Golden Queen of Scots, quoted in Leah Marcus, Janel Mueller and Mary Rose (eds.).

queen elizabeth and mary of scots relationship quotes

The French could not contemplate attacking England when French rule in the country via Mary and her French mother was so fragile. For this reason, Elizabeth's ministers urged her to aid the Scots against their Catholic government.

queen elizabeth and mary of scots relationship quotes

Elizabeth was reluctant to aid rebels, but in the name of self preservation, agreed to some aid. English involvement was rather disastrous, however, with the English forces suffering humiliating defeat.

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William Cecil was sent to Scotland to negotiate peace with the Scots, and he played a prominent part in drawing up a treaty with the Scottish government, which guaranteed peace between the two realms. The treaty of Edinburgh was never ratified by Mary, however, as she refused to relinquish her claim to the English throne that the English requested. Mary was always seen as a considerable threat to Elizabeth. Many Catholics did not recognize Elizabeth as the true Queen of the realm.

They did not recognize the marriage of her mother, Anne Boleyn, to her father, and so believed that she was illegitimate. Illegitimate children were not supposed to become kings or queens.

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As well as this, Elizabeth was also a Protestant, but Mary a Catholic. By the time Mary arrived in France, in summer ofshe was well-grown for her age.

Her fond grandmother described her eyes as deep-set, beneath a high forehead. Their colour was light-brown, and her hair was very fair, although it later darkened to red-gold. Once grown, Mary was exceptionally tall — almost 6ft, but she remained light and graceful, and, before the long years of imprisonment, she was trim and athletic — riding, hawking, playing real tennis, and dancing.

queen elizabeth and mary of scots relationship quotes

The pictures we see of Mary today do not give an idea of outstanding physical beauty — although of course, tastes change, so perhaps she was one of those people whose beauty requires animation to sparkle. One of the earliest pictures of her is by Clouet, the court painter to Henri II.

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He sketched her at the age of about nine. The picture is currently in an unknown private collection. Mary did have her heart set on Spain as it would give her power against Elizabeth and John Knox who was also trying to dictate his own choice of a husband, not to mention against the greedy Scottish Lords who were receiving pensions from the English government.

When Don Carlos degenerated into insanity, Elizabeth re-opened marriage negotiations with Charles of France, probably to spoil Mary's own chances.

In JuneElizabeth had written to Mary urging her to allow the exiled Matthew of Lennox to return home to Scotland to set his affairs in order. In May Mary agreed but then Elizabeth changed her mind and attempted to revoke his passport. His wife, Margaret, daughter of Margaret Tudor's second marriage, had provoked Elizabeth's anger by trying to promote the marriage of her son, Henry Lord Darnley to Mary in Elizabeth pretended to be offended by Mary's rejection of Dudley whom she said she would have married herself was it not for the fact that she had decided to end her life in virginity.

She made him Earl of Leicester to make him more attractive to Mary.

queen elizabeth and mary of scots relationship quotes

But Mary later claimed that Dudley, who had no intention either of marrying the Queen of Scots, had secretly written to her warning her that the whole thing was a hoax designed to make her look foolish in the eyes of the world, and discourage more suitable suitors. Elizabeth would ensure that Mary did not marry into another foreign power which would have been dangerous for England.

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Secondly, she knew that Mary would never accept someone of such low birth as Dudley without the sort of collateral she was not willing to provide.

But this way, she could keep up the pretence of the negotiations. Why may it not be between my sister and me that we living in peace and assured friendship, may give our minds that some notable things may be wrote by us women as by our predecessors have been before".