Coping with relationship stress during pregnancy

How to Deal with Stressful Relationship During Pregnancy |

coping with relationship stress during pregnancy

with your partner is stressful. More about where these stresses stem and how to cope with them. Relationship stress during pregnancy. March 24, Find out how to keep your stress under control during pregnancy and why it's important. life and relationships, and whether you're truly up to the task of parenthood. If you're coping with a difficult situation, spending time with others in the. Our Dads Guide has tips to help men handle stress in pregnancy. that things like money worries, relationships and work demands cause them a lot of stress. If you use alcohol, smoking or drugs to cope with stress, you might find yourself.

Relationship stress during pregnancy

Cucci says it can help couples find the tools needed to communicate under stress, which will only get harder after the baby arrives and you're both short on sleep and time.

For couples dealing with financial challenges, there are usually low-fee resources for marital therapy in most communities. Show Appreciation "Most men who come to marriage counseling seem to share one common complaint: Dig deep and see if there are times when you focus more on what is wrong than on what is right. Be Careful Who You Confide In Telling family members about your partner's freak-out moments can potentially exacerbate issues or cause him to feel isolated or shunned later at family events.

Instead, confide in a therapist, your OB or midwife, or a trusted friend. Can it survive your having a baby?

Consequences of a stressful pregnancy

Are you terrified to tell colleagues or your boss that you are pregnant? Stressed out every time you have to leave work for an OB appointment? Panicked that you'll miss out on projects and promotions after taking maternity leave?

coping with relationship stress during pregnancy

If you fear pregnancy discrimination on the job, arm yourself with as much information as possible, says Sarah Crawford, director of workplace fairness for the Washington, D.

Crawford recommends doing the following: It allows for 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave with your position or an equivalent one intact upon return. Also, read the Americans with Disabilities Act; it permits pregnant workers to be treated like other workers with disabilities who may have lifting restrictions, for instance.

Request information regarding maternity leave and related policies. Know Your Company Culture.

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Contact a new mother in your office who can tell you her experiences, such as how she was treated after returning from maternity leave. For instance, Crawford says one manager expressed disappointment with a woman for not checking in weekly while she was out on leave.

coping with relationship stress during pregnancy

Knowing this can help you to avoid unnecessary grief when you return to work. Crawford shares the example of one woman who was fired because an HR official did not know the details of her maternity leave. To avoid such a scenario, email a letter to your boss and cc your HR repoutlining when you'll take maternity leave, when you plan to return, who is taking over unfinished or ongoing projects for you and how often if at all you'll be checking in during your leave.

When normal concern becomes high anxiety.

Time To Chill | Fit Pregnancy and Baby

Clearly, combating a serious medical issue, such as cancer or lupus, when pregnant will tax you physically and mentally. You will need support from your partner, family, friends and a good obstetrician who specializes in high-risk pregnancies. And if you are on bed rest, online groups like the pregnancy support network Sidelines sidelines. But what if you freak out over every minor but often scary pregnancy symptom, such as spotting or Braxton-Hicks contractions?

For some women, these feelings of impending change, evolving responsibility and the resulting worries can be more significant given their physical experiences of pregnancy. Differing parenting philosophies or gender expectations In pregnancy, you may be starting to converse about your hopes and expectations of parenting, as well as the division of labour between you and your partner.

Will the child have a religious affiliation? What are your feelings on discipline, infant sleep and feeding? As you begin to discuss these hopes and expectations, you may realize you are not on the same page, and compromise may not initially feel achievable.

coping with relationship stress during pregnancy

Unfaithfulness Occasionally, I work with women who discover their partner has been unfaithful while they are carrying a baby.

The hurt, anger, and betrayal that results is so amplified. You may feel particularly vulnerable when faced with a decision to reconcile or separate when there is a baby on the way.

coping with relationship stress during pregnancy

This clingy attitude is one of the triggers for relationship stress during pregnancy. They can behave irrationally, and demand that he checks in every 15 minutes, or might worry that he would be hurt in an accident.

Another way in which pregnancy affects a relationship is the fact that men and women seem to get into the parental mode in very different times.

How to Deal with Stressful Relationship During Pregnancy

The woman will usually start feeling like a mother as soon as she sees the test results. Which most commonly causes that the woman is feeling abandoned, and the men left out. This is a serious stressor for both, as it manifests itself in their behavior.

Women will often try and force the man to be as excited about choosing the crib as they are, while men will usually become more and more withdrawn. How relationships break down during pregnancy Apart from practical problems surrounding the new family member, these and other psychological effects of a pregnancy will usually cause the relationship to become very stressful.

And, the truth is, this can happen to anyone and happens much more frequently than people are willing to admit. For some, unfortunately, pregnancy marks the beginning of an end for their relationship.