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So when Victor Hugo says that Grantaire loved Enjolras, why does it The way Grantaire loves Enjolras is the way that people love whatever god they the relationship of Grantaire and Enjolras as similar to the one between. Grantaire is screaming because Enjolras is screaming. E/R; rated for torture " Grantaire!" "God, someone shut that son-of-a-bitch up!" One of. If Combeferre is Enjolras's not-boyfriend, Grantaire is his fanboy-stalker. The Rights of Man, the sovereignty of the people, ye gods! . this chapter does a lot for me to flesh out the relationship between Enjolras and Grantaire into, you know .

This continues until various patches of Enjolras's skin is burned and he is nearly unconscious from pain. Tears have fallen from his eyes, catching on his pale eyelashes. Grantaire wants to hug him, kiss him and comfort him, and then kill the bastards that were doing this to him. Fear crept back into Enjolras's blank eyes and when none of the others object, a bullet is lodged into Enjolras's shoulder near his collarbone and a pained howl is ripped from Enjolras's throat.

By now, the rag keeping Grantaire's yells in check has fallen around his neck and he's screaming too, consoling Enjolras and pleading with the men. Another crack, another bullet flies into Enjolras's thigh. He's crying out in pain and thrashing and Grantaire is shouting too and he is so hurt and there's one last bullet soaring through the air and hits Enjolras's temple and is followed with a burst of blood and Enjolras is Grantaire turns to see an angelic face staring at him, golden hair tousled and messy, sapphire orbs wide with worry.

His naked chest is warm, smooth and unmarked. There's no blood on his jaw, where the faintest hint of stubble is showing and his arms which are circled around Grantaire tightly are not bruised and the best is that the man before him is alive, so very alive. Enjolras slides down onto his pillow and Grantaire's head stays connected to his shoulder, his body shifting over to lay over Enjolras. Just need you here," Grantaire mumbles, searching for Enjolras's hand and threading their fingers together.

Enjolras is running his fingers through Grantaire's hair, and it's making him sleepy again. Courfeyrac searches his pocket for the key that Enjolras had given him ages ago.

Enjolras hadn't answered his phone or texts the entire morning. Mow it was past noon and Courfeyrac really needed that textbook that Enjolras had taken from him, He would later claim that he had liberated it from the prison that was Courfeyrac's messy room.

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Courfeyrac had always had a bad relationship with locks. They just didn't like him. Courfeyrac giggles quietly to himself and whips out his phone to snap a picture of the sickeningly cute couple. He spies his textbook on the desk and grabs it, then leaves, before Enjolras wakes up and rips his head off. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He's got enough confusing as hell things to deal with at the moment, never mind what Eponine said to what she thought was her best friend and what that could imply on Grantaire's Enjolras, at the moment, was just flustered on how on earth did he slip down into Grantaire's skin!

He fished for his phone, Grantaire's phone actually, to call Combeferre.

Combeferre always know what to do and-- How is he going to explain this to him? He's going to sound like he's nuts! Combeferre won't believe him! He'll just keep calling him Grantaire, then he'll just take in to the loony bin! What is he going to do? He paced the room, thinking, and then felt he was going nowhere.

So, he dug through Grantaire closet to get ready like Eponine said.

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He'd have to talk to Grantaire about this. Combeferre was completely befuddled. We went over this, what, like first day of kindergarten? Well, Enjolras' hair, which, for the record, it's even softer than Grantaire dreamed it would be.

I know I just. You need to slow down.

I think you should stay home. Give me your notes, I'll lead the meeting. No way in hell is he going to lead the meeting. Bed rest was a perfect alternative. But now, Combeferre was staring at him wide eyed. I thought that I'd have to put up more of a fight to get you into bed You get some rest," Combeferre said, pulling the blankets up to Grantaire's chin, then walking out the door, "See ya, Enj.

Maybe this is all just a weird dream and he'd wake up in his own body. After much difficulty, he found a pair of jeans in Grantaire's closet that didn't have paint on them. Eponine turned around and looked at him like he's nuts. I'm, uh, not in a 'meat' mood," "Do I look like your wife, Taire? Be happy I was nice enough to make your hung over ass breakfast. If you want something different get your ass up and get it yourse-- Wait, 'not in a meat mood'?

Who the hell are you and where is Grantaire? Enjolras looked at her sheepishly. Get up and eat soon before it get's cold! There was a bowl of slop waiting for him.

He shoveled a spoonful in his mouth and spit it out immediately. Enjolras is so sick he actually stayed home? He never misses a meeting! I should go and see him and make sure he's alright! He's fine," "Hey, Ferre?

Instead, he walked into his bedroom, and closed the door behind him. Combeferre stared at the closed door for a moment, made mental note to scold Grantaire if he ends up fighting with Enjolras when he's sick, then shrugged and went into his room to get his book.

When Enjolras walked into his bedroom, he saw himself bundled in his blankets, his hair fanned out over the pillow. It was certainly an odd sight to see yourself in the living form, and not in the mirror or a picture. He didn't budge, so Enjolras shook the other him's shoulder. How did you do that? Why did you do that?

Get the hell out of my body! I don't know how I got here! And you're in my body too, in case you've missed that! It's not like I planned on doing this!

I'm just as confused as you are! You're the smart one! Maybe this is a 24 hour sort of thing. Y'know, like a head cold! Joly can probably do a better job explaining it but it's pretty much when mucus settles into the membranes of the nasal cavity and-" "I know what a head cold is," "Yeah, maybe we'll switch back by the end of the day! Enjolras, from his seat in the back of the room, nearly face palmed.

This can only go terrible, and Enjolras' stomach dropped.