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Kakai Bautista gets candid over ‘breakup’ with Arron Villaflor - The Filipino Times

Kakai Bautista and the friendship that she formed with Thai Kakai Bautista, actor-dancers Rodjun Cruz and Arron Villaflor, and Mega. After parting ways with actor Arron Villaflor early last year, Kakai Bautista opens up about their past relationship and the current state of heart. [13] She was also cast with Jairus Aquino in ABS-CBN's Pieta as Kakai Angeles. . Singers: Makisig Morales, Nash Aguas, Sharlene San Pedro, Aaron Junatas, .. consecutively, as well as single nominations for Harvey Bautista, Aal more. he will be sent down to Earth for a mission – to restore people's faith in God.

Film projects and recognition San Pedro during her younger years. The next year, Sharlene was chosen to portray the role of Young Selene in Rounina fantasy and martial arts series shot using high-definition video technology, a first in the Philippine series.

Kulam ,[11] with Judy Ann Santos.

Kakai Bautista gets candid over ‘breakup’ with Arron Villaflor

Following the start of her teenage years came the end of her spot in Goin Bulilit. After six years, she left the show in During her career gap, she frequently stars in Maalaala Mo Kaya series, which features weekly real-life stories or anecdotes of common people or even famous celebrities and personalities through letter-sending.

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The film received positive reviews and was frequently shown in the different schools in the Philippines. She later joined the second season cast of Luv U. She also starred as one of the supporting cast in Nathaniel in She does not resort to hysterics, but doles out an even and even mature performance as Ella's best friend.

According to the announcement, ever since "[t]hey This was Deramas' last TV project before he died. The song is a cover of Filipino band Mayonnaise 's track from their album Tayo na Lang Dalawa released in I am writing since I don't wanna check her reply on my message but I saw her post saying that once a friend, will always be her friends, nobody can be replaced.

I felt guilty for all the times I lied to them just to escape their planned get together. I haven't seen them for two years now.

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I see them update their day to day activities in social media but I interact with them minimally. I chose the times when I want them to feel my presence. I never changed profile pictures for more than a year and I never shared anything on social media although I log on to social media every other day but I acted invisible. I always visit their pages whenever I'm around so I never missed out on them.

But in contrary, I never showed anything to them for the past two years. I never interacted with them since I was afraid that they may ask me to meet with them and ask me how am I doing with my life. Currently, the state of my life hasn't changed. I have big dreams but most of them were very far from reality. I can't show them my face since I am afraid to show them what my life has become.

I wasn't terrible but I admit I am far behind from the normal. Maybe that's the reason why I can't accept myself. I guess this is what they call "quarter life crisis", very similar to mid-life crisis but came to me earlier.

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I was so pressured on keeping up with other people of my age. I felt like they were already making their dreams come true while I am here stuck on something that has a vague future.

I made terrible decisions in life and after realizing them, I felt so tired even just the idea of bouncing back and creating new path. I was a living robot before just following every command given, but it seems like some sort of lightning struck me. I became a rebel. I wanted to deviate from the norms.

I wanted to do everything on my own but since I am also surrounded by robots, no one's there to guide me. That's where I started to lose path.

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I felt like I've become useless. I am supposed to thank my friend on this post regarding what she said and at the same time apologize for being a bad friend. I never back-stabbed or badmouthed them, but i felt guilty for not being there when they need me. I wasn't able to partake on the most important moments of their lives for the past two years like weddings, christening, new boyfriends, recitals, career promotions and extra curricular activities.

I wasn't able to lend my shoulder when they felt down or held their hands when they need someone to cheer them up. I wasn't able to share the joys of their lives since I was busy mourning for the wasted time I had. I wasn't there to congratulate them on every achievement they fulfilled. I am very happy when you were having the greatest moments of their lives. I am a very proud of you.