Relationship with a succubus

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relationship with a succubus

If this sounds like someone in your life, then you might be unwittingly in a relationship with a succubus, and if you're not careful you can end up as a withered. A nymphomaniac with an impressive physique and a charming personality: you' ve hit the jackpot there. Dating a succubus or incubus is a. Well everyone in my last post I said I would do this so here it is and before I start I' d like to say that this isn't for all Succubus relationships but for.

However, it is important that you prepare for the physical nature of what is about to befall you. First, you must begin an exercise regiment in order to bring yourself closer to the fitness level that you need to deal with these people once they have assessed you closer.

The first instinct is to typically work towards better appearance through tone and weight training. However, this is a failing of human nature and rarely enters into the mental calculation for finding a suitable partner. More importantly, these creatures require someone who have the ability to keep up with them for a long period of time. This is not a sprint, this is a marathon, and you should train accordingly.

Second, flexibility is an asset when dealing with people who have had time to become familiar with more extreme sexual practices. If you cannot get your leg behind your head or touch the back of your head with your toes, you may not be prepared for your date just yet.

Though Succubi and Incubi rarely cause intentional harm to humans, accidents can happen and have had lasting effects. Though many still live full lives after practice Third, despite all preparation, you must be familiar with your physical limits as well as your emotional limits.

Succubus relationships; Similarities and differencies

It is instinct to try to keep up with your partner early on. This is a mistake that should not be allowed to happen. Not only do Succubi and Incubi have a natural physical superiority to you in a rested state, they have evolved, much like many natural predators, specifically for this form of prey.

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You would not try to out-swim a shark and it is best to remember this before you lose your head. PG Approximation Then, Prepare Supplies Much like an earthquake survival kit, once the earth starts moving you may need some key supplies including bottle water, batteries and rope. These are the absolute necessities for a successful outing.

relationship with a succubus

It is possible to make some substitutions depending on your needs but these substitutions must be carefully planned out and not done on a whim. First, if you are going to bring something other than water, do not bring alcohol.

relationship with a succubus

Once you have the essentials you can bring others that may be useful such as lubricant, handcuffs and a body pillow. Also recommended is to practice safe sex by bringing protection such as a helmet, knee-pads and ice-packs. These are not entirely necessary but have been stated after experiments by many people to be beneficial to your well-being and enjoyment.

This was when she told me her name is Meridiana and that she just wants to help me. The conflict we had has brought us closer and I no longer think negative thoughts about her.

A Relationship With A Succubus

Its wonderful having her around and I can talk to her about anything and she always listens and gives good advice. Its like I have the perfect woman who is loyal and wants the best for me. She is such a good friend and we have a good laugh together. January 26, at 3: Now when I first heard that it can do this I am a little freaked out but calm thinking in my head would or could it rreally be doing that to me and I dont know please answer this question because I think I dont know I am a little confused.

July 12, at The name Succubus is a name build upon people like that which explains the cruel definition of the word Succubus January 13, at As I lie down, and we connect, I can feel a subtle-yet-definite pressure of her, as though she was laying right on top of me. It can often feel as though her life essence and mine are blending energetically-speaking.

A Relationship With A Succubus - Your Ghost Stories

This energy exchange with her goes on for 2 hours or more sometimes. From what I sense of her, she is a lovely, amazing being — pure, raw femininity. January 28, at 3: I am now [somewhat patiently] waiting for the day I can hear her voice and see her.

relationship with a succubus