9 knots break up spell relationship

9 Knot Break up spell - Free Magic Spell

9 knots break up spell relationship

Roll it up and poke in the lemon, one in each lemon. Bury these Take the picture of the ones you want to break up and say: . 9 KNOTS BREAK-UP SPELL . Maybe they have found themselves intertwined in a relationship that is simply no good for them. Breaking up a couple is no easy task, but with spells like this is does seem a little bit . Put the twine through it and then tie 10 knots leading away from the picture. . Web Admin April 28, at pm. With the help of this simple, yet powerful break-up spell, you can now force a couple to break-up. You can then Then, tie nine separate knots one inch apart.

Tear the paper in half and burn the half with the name of the undesirable partner's name on it, chanting while you do so: The remains can alternately be placed in a black mojo bag and placed where the undesirable parter will cross it as well.

Place them on a large piece of tinfoil about 4 inches apart and sprinkle powder between them.

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Light the candles and let them burn about 15 minutes each night as you chant the following: If you did it right, the black salt circle should move with each individual candle. Repeat every day around the same time until the candles are burned out aim for about 7 days then take the remains,wrap each in foil and throw them as far away from each other as possible repeating the above chant as you do so.

Fold the paper from each corner to the middle so that the ends overlap and then seal the folds with the wax from a red candle. Bury this packet in a discreet spot at night.

Every night for the next thirteen nights sprinkle either "War Water" or "Damnation" oil over the ground where the packet is buried. On the fourteenth night, dig up the packet and burn to ashes. Carefully collect the ashes and throw them to the four winds or into running water.

9 knots break up spell relationship

This spell can also be used to get rid of an unwanted person in your life. Place them on a piece of paper and sprnkle both "War Water" and "Separation" powder on them. Place on the tracks both cat and dog hairs, some sulpher, gunpowder and one lodestone.

Fold the paper from East to West,turn and fold again the same way. Seal the folds with the wax of a red candle and take the packet to a river or stream any type running water will do at midnight.

Say the following and toss the packet in over your right shoulder without looking back: Put them together in a paper bag with cat and dog hairs. Add a bit of "Separation" powder and tie the bag shut with red thread or string and put away in a discreet place. Insert the pins or needles at equal intervals through the candle and sprinkle the candle with powder.

On the paper write the targets name 7 times in red ink. The spell will not work otherwise. This is an Earth based spell. Poke a small hole in the top of the picture of the couple that you wish to breakup.

Now take your string and tie it through the hole.

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Then take the other end of your string and tie it around your pillar candle. You want to make sure that the picture hangs quite a bit below the candle. About 2 feet would be our recommendation. Next you will want to light the candle. For ten seconds you are going to want to look straight into the flame and focus your thoughts.

Focus what you really want out of this spell. After the ten seconds is up, blow out the flame on the candle. The cutting signifies the cutting of the bond between the couple. Now bury the picture.

Your spell will now be complete. This spell will target only one person in the relationship and may bring them great misfortune. So cast this spell as your own risk. Be cautious and well intentioned when doing so. This spell is easier than the first one. However, when it comes to focus and mental strength it is much more difficult.

9 knots break up spell relationship

You really need to make sure you focus on what exactly you want when you cast this spell. So you want to make sure you know just how you want that effect to take place. You do not want to endanger the person or cause them too much trouble. This would be ill-intended use of magic and it is frowned upon. To start grab your scissors and then grab the photo of the couple you want to see broken up. Hold the photo in your hand tightly and stare straight into the eyes of the person you want to have doing the breaking up.

Think hard about what you want.