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mapex drums artist relationship

Applications for all TAMA endorsements are handled through our artist relations office in California. An application package for TAMA endorsement must contain . Mapex Drums is a Taiwanese drum brand manufactured by KHS Musical Instruments Company Although they are priced as midrange drums, they are considered a fully professional kit and used by recording artists such as Chris Adler from an improved response by optimizing the relationship between head and shell. Calhoun will exclusively be playing a Mapex Orion Series drum set during his Joe Hibbs, Artist Relations Manager for Mapex explained the.

The relative rarity of the LE and SE kits is increasing their value and they are considered by some to be the finest Saturn kits ever made.

This new edge allows the drumhead to sit flatter and brings out an improved response by optimizing the relationship between head and shell. Orion[ edit ] The Orion Series is an all-maple 6. It is Mapex's flagship series and is also the most versatile kit available from Mapex as each kit can only be ordered by components.

No preconfigured kits are available. It is available with Chrome, Black Nickel and kt. For the duration of the Orion's inner "plies" were identical to the all-maple Pro-M's inner plies, the difference being the outer "finish" ply. The Orion received Mapex's figured birdseye maple or other such exotic wood finishes, while the Pro-M received regular North American maple finish ply.

With the exception of the 15th Anniversary edition Pro-M with a production run of worldwide, this set was given the figured Birdseye Maple finish of the Orion in Autumn or Jade Fade.

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The overall shell thicknesses for both the Orion and the early Pro-Ms of - were identical at 6. This was the case only till early when production changed at the factory in Tianjin.

All Pro-Ms received a changed ply configuration and thickness resulting in an overall shell thickness of 5. The Orions are actually priced lower than most of their high-end market competition.

mapex drums artist relationship

The exotic burl finish is not common with other high-end drum companies at the same price point. As of early the Orion line was discontinued. How does the artist relations program work at Mapex? We do not want to take the glamour and excitement out of the possibility of someone being endorsed but in reality to gain an endorsement arrangement is in some ways like applying for a high position in an international company.

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There are always many opportunities available but it is all based on what the player has to offer at that present time, or what the company may see for that player in the future. The endorser's influence and popularity is on a greater scale meaning their range and amount of influence is beyond the local level.

The National Key Endorser arrangement can vary and should not be seen as an automatic arrangement where the endorser gets all the free gear he wants. But the company does recognise the endorser has a growing talent and his musical situation s is developing. This arrangement equates to the influence and reputation an artist has developed over the years, an influence that transcends music taste and musical styles.


The artist notoriety and popularity is global. The activities of this artist are so great and fast the company supports him with the instruments he needs on a global basis "In each of these categories there has to be a relationship, from the company side a relationship based on recognising there is a level of talent, a level of dedication, and a level desire to be teamed up with Mapex.

mapex drums artist relationship

From the player's side a relationship based on the companies genuine interests toward his musical and drumming efforts, the companies willingness to provide him with 'tools of his trade' at a reasonable arrangement, and the basic desire to be a partner with the company. Are there any specific criteria you follow when evaluating an individual? They must know that an endorsement is not an entitlement it is a relationship that is earned.

Please click here to determine the appropriate artist relations group you should contact, according to the main instrument you play. If you are interested in submitting your materials for Yamaha Entertainment Group, YCA's record label, please click here and put Artist Submission in the subject line. FAQ What does it mean to be a Yamaha artist? Yamaha artists belong to a worldwide family of elite musicians that possess incredible talent, which we at Yamaha are proud to expose to the world.

Yamaha artists have the privilege of getting discounts on Yamaha products, as well as substantial discounts on thousands of related Yamaha musical products. They are honored worldwide with our promise of service and support and are granted access to Yamaha custom shops in the U. They are offered presence on our Global Artist Website, have their writings published in our publications, and receive professional advice and career guidance.

mapex drums artist relationship

They are part of a respected worldwide network of Yamaha staff and artists dedicated to quality in all aspects of music. Select artists assist with product design. Yamaha performing artists have read and signed an artist agreement and agree to communicate with the Yamaha Artist Relations Department on a regular basis. Yamaha artists are sometimes asked to participate in publications and stories produced by Yamaha, which provides priceless public relations and marketing mechanisms for our artists by exposing their music to millions.

What does Yamaha expect of its artists? Yamaha helps our artists obtain their instruments easily and we ask that our artists reciprocate by using our products consistently in the studio, on tour, and in clinics. Whatever and however a Yamaha artist performs, they do it with expression and are open to sharing with others the fact that they found their voice on a Yamaha instrument.

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