Swap meet merchandise supply

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swap meet merchandise supply

Suppliers and Wholesalers of Swap Meet Merchandise products. Access companies on the USA's leading wholesale trade platform. If you are considering starting a flea market business or renting an antique mall booth, the first thing you need to do is find merchandise to sell. DollarDays is an online wholesale distributor helping nonprofits, businesses, and individuals. We have thousands of wholesale supplies and no order.

Finding Products to Sell at Swap Meets

Through liquidation companies, you get access to a wide variety of products, from top brands, all due to the exclusive relationships established between liquidators and the retailers and manufacturers. You can buy every day and even purchase smaller loads that enable you to test the demand, without committing to hundreds of units.

swap meet merchandise supply

This is exactly what you need as a flea market seller. In addition, if you find a reputable liquidator near you, you can pick the merchandise up yourself, on your way to the stall, saving on shipping costs.

swap meet merchandise supply

We have to emphasize that you should work with reputable liquidators and when purchasing any lots, go through the manifest, a list showing the quantity, type and the condition of the merchandise within that lot. This way, you can also go for the cheapest option, the unsorted customer returns that could hide many gems.

Merchandiser Group Magazines | Wholesale Sources for Flea Markets & Swap Meets

Liquidation companies also offer the safety of working with established businesses, with all the protections that affords. They sell items at lower costs, but have the guarantee of a day warranty on many, so you can have confidence in the quality of the products. These can make some of the best investments, as you can then also guarantee the products you sell with confidence, and without risk. To make the most out of these liquidation companies, you will need a resale certificate or a sales tax number, a business card verifying that you are operating on behalf of a company and you also need a commercial checking account.

It even allows you to play with the big boys of online commerce without needing minimum sales or investment. Sourcing products from liquidators rather than general wholesalers can give you the head-start you need to stay competitive in the cut-throat world of online sales.

Buying pallets of fully working, often new, stock for the cheapest possible prices allows you to really make a lot of savings while stocking the products that your customers want.

swap meet merchandise supply

Making the Most of Liquidated Merchandise Since you are purchasing products for pennies on the dollar, make sure you go through the lot when you get hold of it and check for hidden gems.

Some products might have been returned unopened and can be in brand new condition, which means they can fetch a higher price.

swap meet merchandise supply

This is what makes customer returns attractiveas they can be returned for various reasons, and cases of finding unopened, brand new products in these unsorted lots are not rare. Even if they have been opened and returned it does not mean they are faulty.

The buyer might have returned a product because it was not as described, or the seller shipped the wrong colour or size. You can usually find these products through general merchandise liquidators.

The liquidators buy items by the pallets with a pallet holding hundreds of products.

swap meet merchandise supply

You can get nearly new items and sell those items for much less than they sell for in the stores. When you start selling surplus inventory, you should pick a specific type of product that you want to sell.

Top Product Sources

You might prefer selling clothing, electronics or home appliances. If you sell clothing, you can find much of your inventory through department store returns. The department stores not only sell returns, but also closeout apparel. The closeout apparel is different types of clothing that the store no longer wants to sell. For example, the store might offer steep clearance pricing on winter clothing when the new spring fashions reach the store.

The clothing is brand new, but costs much less than it did new. The profit margin on excess inventory is quite high.

When you buy wholesale liquidation products, you buy items that are in great condition. Shoppers know that they can get deals on new electronics, appliances, clothing and other items by shopping from swap meets and flea markets. This also lets you introduce your customers to new items and expand your client base.

Most part-time sellers cannot afford to buy new from the manufacturer, but you can easily afford nearly new items. Buying salvage liquidation products is a great way to help your business grow.