Illicit relationship stories in the bible

5 Famous Temptresses of the Bible

illicit relationship stories in the bible

Although I ended my illicit relationship, I couldn't stop the memories. The Bible has some lovely stories in it about kindness, empathy, and loving one's fellow Ezekiel is back and with weirder sexual imagery than a David to use his daughter to ensnare David, and so agreed to the marriage. We love seeing how people respond to Scripture for the first time – so for some famous biblical romances and give us his first impressions of the stories. work for his Uncle Laban for seven years in return for her hand in marriage, that Boaz himself will “redeem” her (all feels particularly sexual to me).

But the thing that David had done displeased the Lord. The saddest part of the whole account, in my opinion is that the baby that Bathsheba delivers dies in infancy. This is an example of how a temptress almost destroyed a nation.

Delilah Some History Samson was a man of great strength and he was a judge over Israel.

illicit relationship stories in the bible

So here is an account of another ruler who was tempted and tested by a woman. They sent Delilah to Samson to learn of the secret of his great strength. Delilah became close enough to Samson that he confided the truth about his strength to her.

illicit relationship stories in the bible

You see when Samson was young he took the Nazarite vow to be sanctified by God. Part of the vow was to never cut his hair. He told Delilah that if his hair was ever cut that his strength would leave him. The Plan Once Delilah learned the truth she took it back to Philistines.

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Together they made a plan to cut his hair. When he was asleep with Delilah, she cut his hair. When he awoke his weakness allowed the Philistines to capture him. Samson was not killed by the Philistines; instead they tortured him and subjected him to a life of slavery. Victory for Samson; Demise for others Delilah the temptress was used indirectly to lead Samson to the Lord. As Samson labored his hair began to grow again; unnoticed by his captors.

In desperation Samson called out to the Lord and he humbled himself before the Lord.

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The Lord heard his prayer and answered. During a celebration to the pagan gods the Philistines proudly showed off their prisoner as they led him into the temple where the crowds where. Samson having his strength returned stood between two pillars and moved them with his mighty strength to destroy the temple.

The Greatest Taboo? The Surprising Truth of What the Bible Says About Incest

This sacrificial death of Samson was responsible also for the death of more enemies than he ever destroyed in his entire lifetime. Although the story has a sad ending the death of Samson we see that Delilah the temptress was used indirectly to lead Samson to the Lord. You can read this account in the Bible in Judges chapter Drusilla was known for her beauty among the Jews of which she was a convert.

illicit relationship stories in the bible

She was yet a girl of fifteen when she married King Aziz. But the King was not the object of her affection; instead she was interested in his governor, Felix. Eventually Felix kidnapped Drusilla and she married him too, even though she was neither divorced nor widowed from the King! And another thing, Felix was a heathen and an evil ruler.

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No Salvation The only man who ever made Felix shake in his boots was Paul, when he spoke of his faith in Christ read about it in Acts As you read through the account you get the distinct impression that Felix is on the edge of being moved to salvation — except Drusilla seemed to prevent it.

It is quite possible that the temptress Drusilla continued in her sinful ways until the day she died and it is clear that she was a stumbling block for Felix. Jezebel I believe that the first Bible character that comes to mind when you think of temptresses, seducers or wicked women is Jezebel. For thousands of years this queen has been known as the wickedest of wicked women. But has it always been thus?

Or is the taboo peculiar to certain times and places? Such figures as Josef Fritzl and Frederick West have scaled the heights of notoriety in part because of violent, exploitative incest committed against their own children. And yet incest also seems to be everywhere: It is also a trope in gothic horror.

illicit relationship stories in the bible

Curiously, too, in popular culture, incest is not infrequently depicted as consensual and — especially when it is between a good-looking brother and sister — even as romantic.

Nevertheless, judging from the press over the last few weeks, anyone would think that familial sexual relationships were a completely new phenomenon and that until recently, incest was kept at bay by strong social taboos.

However, whether familial sexual relationships are indeed considered to be incestuous that is, illegal, even criminal or not depends on the social and cultural context.

illicit relationship stories in the bible

Moreover, attitudes to incest tend to be gendered and heteronormative. With relatives who were once separated increasingly able to trace each other through DNA testing, social media, and reunion servicesstories of siblingsor of a parent and child reunited are more common. And not infrequently, such reunions transpire in mutual attraction and love — which has been hitting the headlines recently. A taboo too far?