The dynamics of interpersonal relationship in workplace

Importance of Interpersonal Relationship at Workplace

the dynamics of interpersonal relationship in workplace

The Effects of Interpersonal Relations in the Workplace on Cognitive Performance: Dynamics of Leadership in Psychology ()- project. Results of the investigation found relationships between INDEX WORDS: Office Politics, Interpersonal Dynamics, Scale Development, Workplace. Interpersonal relationships that you form at work serve a critical role in both Next, let's look at the types of leadership styles you'll encounter in the workplace.

If some information is required to be shared with any of the co-employee then it is to be ensured that it is shared in its desired form. Data tampering and playing with information spoil relationships among colleagues and lead to confusions at the workplace. It is essential that any confidential information is not shared with the co- employees.

One never knows when it can get misused, sometimes even unintentionally. Employee must not trust his co-employee blindly.

the dynamics of interpersonal relationship in workplace

There is no place for ego in interpersonal relationship and hence ego should be kept away at a distance. Personal tensions should not be brought to the work. An employee should think before he speaks.

Making fun of co-employees is something which is not at all expected since it can create serious fissures in the relationships. For a healthy and effective interpersonal relationship, employees must stay away from the politics at workplace. It is necessary to support co-employee when he is under pressure or he is in any problem. Also his good work is to be appreciated so that he gets encouragement and gets further motivated. One must not be jealous with the co employee.

Jealousy always harm in the long run. There should be healthy competition among the employees for a healthy environment at the workplace. Factors affecting interpersonal relationship The different factors which affect interpersonal relationship are given below. Rapport — Rapport is good when an employee feel comfortable or at ease with the other employee.

This can be automatic or it could take time to develop. Empathy is the foundation of good two way communication. When the employee trust co-employee then he expects acceptance and support from him. Compatibility — Two employees to have a healthy interpersonal relationship must be compatible with each other.

  • Interpersonal Relationship at Workplace

There should be no scope of conflicts and misunderstandings in interpersonal relationship. It is easier to have a healthy interpersonal relationship between employees from similar backgrounds and similar goals.

the dynamics of interpersonal relationship in workplace

Employees with different aims, attitudes, thought processes find it difficult to adjust and hence fail to have a healthy interpersonal relationship. Communication — Communication plays a pivotal role in a healthy and effective interpersonal relationship. Feelings must be expressed and reciprocated in relationships. Employees need to communicate with each other effectively for better understanding.

the dynamics of interpersonal relationship in workplace

Lack of communication can lead to problem and misunderstanding. Staying in touch is essential for a relationship to grow. Effective communication helps in a better bonding. Sitting with co-employees and discussing different issues face to face helps in reaching mutually acceptable solutions.

The recipient must understand what the sender intends to communicate and vice a versa. Clarity of thoughts is essential in relationships. Respect — It involvesaccepting and appreciating the co employee.

the dynamics of interpersonal relationship in workplace

Mental expectations — These are seen as relationships grow. Employees with healthy interpersonal relationship must have the same mutual expectations. The relationship must heads towards the same purpose or goals for both the employees.

Flexibility — Good interpersonal relationships are flexible and can adapt to change. Circumstances change and employees cannot always carry through on plans they have made together. Honesty — Honesty is very important for a healthy and long lasting interpersonal relationship.

Importance of Interpersonal Relationship at Workplace

Dishonesty leads to distrust which affects the efficiency at the work. Transparency is important in relationships. Staying calm — Overreacting on any issue disrupts a healthy relationship. It is necessary to stay calm. It is better to be a little more adjusting. Saying sorry helps in the development of interpersonal relationship.

It solves several issues. Forgiving — Employees need to be a little more forgiving for having healthy interpersonal relationship. Any issues between the employees need not be drag unnecessarily. Fighting over small issues is foolish and makes the situation all the more worse.

Smile — Smile creates situation which helps solving many issues.

the dynamics of interpersonal relationship in workplace

Human beings are not machines who can work at a stretch. We need people to talk to and share our feelings. Imagine yourself working in an organization with no friends around!!!!!!!! We are social animals and we need friends around. An individual working in isolation is more prone to stress and anxiety.

They hardly enjoy their work and attend office just for the sake of it. Individuals working alone find their job monotonous. It is essential to have trustworthy fellow workers around with whom one can share all his secrets without the fear of them getting leaked.

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We must have friends at the workplace who can give us honest feedback. We need people to discuss various issues, evaluate pros and cons and reach to solutions benefiting not only the employees but also the organization on the whole.

Employees can brainstorm together and reach to better ideas and strategies. Employees must be called for meetings at least once in a week to promote open communication.

Visualizing Interpersonal Dynamics In The Workplace

Interaction on a regular basis is important for healthy relationship. Interpersonal relationship has a direct effect on the organization culture. Misunderstandings and confusions lead to negativity at the workplace. Conflicts lead you nowhere and in turn spoil the work environment.

We need people around who can appreciate our hard work and motivate us from time to time.