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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Preeti Shenoy is among the highest selling authors in The Nameless Relationship - Kindle edition by Preeti Shenoy. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. on sexual binarism and its combinatories. Although Mackay defended the nameless love against seminal Download full-text PDF. On the Nameless Love. The nameless relation I've outside marriage (Representative Picture by Getty Images) I may be wrong by doing this after marriage, but this is one Download The Times of India News App for Latest Life & Style News.

I understand what she's trying to say.

Does it mean that she can see him only behind closed doors and under the sheets? Just don't get it. Nov 20, Rishabh Malviya added it Usually, I don't worry about spending a little extra money for the sake of an intangible benefit this habit of mine is usually met with reactions of shock and eventually, ridicule. For example, I'll happily pay the carpenter a few extra thousand bucks just because it saves me the hassle of the bargain.

So, you'll know this short story was a real piece of crap when I say that after reading it, the nine rupees that I spent on it really chafed. This was well on its way to my 'couldn't finish' she Usually, I don't worry about spending a little extra money for the sake of an intangible benefit this habit of mine is usually met with reactions of shock and eventually, ridicule.

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This was well on its way to my 'couldn't finish' shelf, but the story was so short that I ended up finishing it before that could happen. There was so much potential in this opening: They crouch behind those sanctioned by society". I wanted this story to show us that when we are overwhelmed by the world, these nameless relationships are where we find solace and comfort.

They connect to some deeper part of ourselves, a part of ourselves where we nurture that child within us; the child who believes in his own unique ideals and principles, but isn't entirely sure if they will be accepted by the world around him or whether or not others will understand him.

These nameless relationships are exhilarating and captivating because they let us free that child within us and express our own unique thoughts and ideas in our own unique ways; knowing that even when no one else does, this person will understand me - this person will connect with me in ways that shouldn't even be possible according to society. But this hasty and shallow story doesn't explore the child within its characters; I'd say that it doesn't even explore the adult within its characters.

I knew nothing about cooking or sex until I got married at the age of Gradually, I learnt both and started enjoying them too. I had few complaints about my husband - he was not romantic and he did not value my parents. These things bothered me once in a while, but I had convinced myself that life is not perfect.

Everything was going fine, until I met one of my colleagues in relation to a project that I was working for. It was an instant liking for me.

Initially, I was awed by his looks but later on, I fell for his mannerisms too. However, I was too shy to approach him for friendship.

The Nameless Relationship

So, I continued to secretly admire him. Time and again, I convinced myself that it is okay to just admire someone after marriage as long as I know my limits. On the other hand, he too was shy to talk to girls and maintained a distance. I found out that he had a girlfriend and was busy in his life with her.

Gradually, I started to forget about this secret crush and got busy with my work. But destiny had some other plans. One day, this guy came to my workstation to meet an old friend of his and saw me.

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He offered to drink a cup of coffee with me and I agreed without giving it a second thought since I had always secretly wished for it!

I realized I am getting closer to him and tried stopping myself, but it was too late. It became an addiction sort of a thing for me.