One direction preferences tumblr you have a child from previous relationship

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one direction preferences tumblr you have a child from previous relationship

[imagine REQUEST] he meets your child from a previous relationship NIALL: “ How do you feel about kids? I'm just wondering because, well, I probably should have told you this sooner, but I have a The smile that spreads across your face couldn't be any wider as you say, "I'd love that.” “Which one?. Read # He Has a Child from a Previous Relationship from the story One Direction Preferences from Tumblr by nationalhoranleague (ashleigh) with . He told you softly, running one hand through his mop of hair (the I didn't think I' d feel like this. Harry had always wanted a family of his own; he just hadn't realized he Liam: Since Liam had cooked you and Stacy, your four year old . happen since news had broken about you and Zayn's relationship.

Louis was left with a gorgeous little girl. He named her Olivia Skye Tomlinson. From the countless pictures Louis has shown you, you can say that she has big and bright blue eyes and brown wavy hair.

288. Yours/his child from a previous relationship calls you/him mommy/daddy

This little girl is wrapped around Louis finger. Yes he's young, but what from what you've heard, Louis is the perfect father. And from what Louis tells you, his three year old daughter is the greatest thing that has ever happened to him.

More than three and a half years ago, Liam got his long term girlfriend pregnant. Ecstatic that he was going to be a father, Liam proposed and the two were set to get married after the birth of their son.

Nine months later, Liam became the father to a beautiful little boy named, Colton Alexander Payne.

Two months later, Liam's long term girlfriend died in a car accident leaving Liam with the baby. He met you three years after and you instantly hit it off. Cole was Liam's twin from the pictures you have seen. When you learned that Liam wanted you to meet his four year old, you were a bit nervous but now you were ready for anything.

Niall has a daughter with a previous girlfriend.

Vas Hapenin' ladies ;)

This girlfriend no longer affiliated herself with Niall or the child. She didn't want the baby to begin with so Niall has raised her all by himself. His princess is named Ciara pronounced Kira Faye Horan. Although she is only one, Niall says she's very smart. She has Niall's natural brown hair and blue eyes from the pictures you have seen.

You know Niall would do absolutely anything for his daughter and that's why you're scared that if Ciara doesn't like you, Niall will leave you. This meeting is nerve wrecking for you.

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Harry had a one night stand with a girl whose name he can barely remember. Louis's smile faltered for a second before he knelt down in front of him. You watched as Liam dressed Tara for bed. After another couple more months of dating after Tara and Liam's first meeting Liam decided that he would move into your cozy flat. He liked his old one but it had to many memories of past relationships and he wanted a fresh start with yours. Plus he always said yours was more like a home and he loved spending more time with Tara.

one direction preferences tumblr you have a child from previous relationship

Tara tiredly giggled at the feeling of Liam's cold fingers touch her stomach. He laid your daughter down on her bed and rubbed her forehead before singing the lullaby Tara had come accustomed too. Liam smiled as she gently curled herself into a ball and closed her blue eyes.

Liam finished singing and kissed her dirty blonde waves.

one direction preferences tumblr you have a child from previous relationship

Liam's face broke out into a huge smile as he stared at you. His brown eyes welled up with tears. You ran around Niall's apartment getting ready for Ciara's second birthday.

[imagine REQUEST] he meets your child from a - 1directiondreams

Niall was in charge of the food and you were in charge of everything else. You had Ciara dressed in a glitter t-shirt and a tutu skirt she wanted when you had gone shopping. The two of you had gotten a lot closer in the last year. You almost had a mother- daughter bond which scared you because you weren't sure if you were ready to be a mom. You finished decorating the living room and sat Ciara down on the couch to put her birthday tiara on. She giggled as you lifted her to your side and brought her into the kitchen to see her dad.

Niall turned around and smiled at his little girl.

269. He has a child from a previous relationship

She looked up at you, her blue orbs shining with happiness. The neither of you were prepared for that. You knew it might happen sooner or later but you didn't think it would be this fast. You licked your lips and smiled. You had Noah for the week since Harry couldn't take him to Ghana. It was too dangerous to bring Noah along and the boys had to do another round of charity work Comic Relief meaning Harry would barely spend time with him.

You didn't mind though. You loved the two-almost three year old boy. He was a blessing and was so happy that Harry had this wonderful child in his life. You ran your fingers through Noah's tangled waves as the two of you watched your nightly film, Tarzan. Noah giggled and brought his attention back to the movie. The movie ended and you gently lifted Noah in your arms and made your way to your guest room where he had been sleeping.